Fun with the Wiring Harness

I'm quite a bit behind in posting updates on the restoration of Carrera 2.7 MFI #9050 and plan on catching up over the next few weeks.

Prior to the start of metalwork and paint the complete wiring harness had been removed and set aside. Dealing with the wiring harness is a time consuming process, but absolutely required to make sure everything will work once reinstalled.

First step is to stretch the entire harness out and make sure all the bits and pieces are there along with key electrical components. Jonathan at German Master Tech is clearly enthusiastic about the tedious process of testing every wire and repairing any issues that crop up.

Despite the Carrera having been stripped down to parts a decade or so ago very little of the electrical components were missing. During DOT federalization in the mid-1980s this Carrera was converted to sugar scoops, among other changes including door bars, DOT spec lenses and reflectors. This required sourcing a set of H4 headlight buckets with the correct Bosch logo lenses. The original Blaupunkt radio had also been replaced with an aftermarket stereo sometime in the past. We sourced a 1976 Köln model, with correct date codes and all the corresponding documentation, from Germany.

Once the wiring harness was completed it immediately went into the chassis, though in the photos below still required some final tweaks.