A Tail of Three Targas

Today we have something fun: a guest story written by Dennis Brooks about the three Carrera 2.7 MFI Targas originally delivered to Australia in 1975. The three Targas were recently reunited at the 2016 Porsche Rennsport Motor Racing Festival in Australia.

A Tail of Three Targas
written by Dennis Brooks; photos by Rob Scheeren (Autofokus)

In 1975 Porsche was at the crossroads. The widespread recession of 1973 had passed but the first oil crisis of late 1973 and early 1974 was to have a greater lasting effect on all car makers worldwide.Porsche’s survival in these times was no doubt helped by income from their outside client design consultancy in Weissach. Looking ahead, Dr Fuhrmann’s 3 litre Turbo was readying for production in March 1975 and would springboard Porsche into a new era.

For Porsche’s biggest market, the American safety and emission regulations were starting to make their presence felt with the impact bumper regulations starting in 1974 and more severe emissions requirements from 1975. In line with many other car makers, Porsche took the step of increasing motor capacity to compensate the negative effects of these regulations.

Porsche had already taken the first step with the introduction of the emissions friendly 2.4 E series in late 1971. The second step was to enlarge this long stroke motor to 2.7 litres in the G series of 1974 coupled with the new Bosch CIS injection which made Porsche motors more in step with emission requirements without losing their performance standards.

Late 1972 saw the introduction of the iconic Carrera RS which combined the 2.7 litre motor with the Bosch mechanical injection system. The RS was a limited production series and was never intended for sale to America as the motor in its state of tune would never be able to pass the American emissions tests.

This however was little concern to the Euro, British and Australian buyers as the mechanically injected Type 83 motor was integrated into their 1974 Porsche G series lineup as the top model Carrera – along with a Targa version - with the plain 911 and the 911 S being the others. These two had the recently introduced CIS injection system and all wore the new impact bumpers bodywork. Into this background the last of the Carrera 2.7 MFI series was introduced as the H programme in September 1974. A whaletail with a chin spoiler had superseded the previous ducktail but the H series was essentially the same as its predecessor.

Carrera sales in Australia were good considering the size of the market here, the prevailing world economic conditions and the German Dmark movements.

  • In 1973 there were 8 RS coupes sold at $17,700.
  • In 1974 18 coupes and 7 targas were sold at $20,000 / $21,000.
  • In 1975 14 coupes and 3 targas sold for $25,000 / $26,000.
The 1975 price increases were mainly caused by the Dmark regaining its pre oil crisis values and an unwelcome increase in import duty here of 25% during the year. This almost made the RS look like a bargain …..

As the most expensive in the range, the 1975 Carrera Targa model sales were the most affected. Little wonder then that all three were ordered as tourist deliveries.

Australian tourist delivery order form
All 3 came with the mandatory 5 speed transmission and C23 Australian equipment consisting of right hand drive, rhd headlight lenses, all glass tinted except for the windscreen and a drivers door mirror.

The first – 911 561 0019 – was ordered in Guards red with cinnamon leatherette interior.Seats were the optional Recaro sports seats with shetland centres. The standard steel hard top was ordered in preference to the optional folding top.Other options were front & rear spoilers and 7” & 8” Fuchs wheels.

This is a one owner car and belongs to Kevin Jarman in Brisbane. Kevin took delivery at Stuttgart in September 1974 and while living in London, did numerous trips to Europe. The car arrived in Australia in January 1976 and Kevin joined Porsche Club Victoria that year. In this car, Kevin was Porsche Club Victoria club champion in 1978 and the Porsche Clubs Nationals Motorkhana champion five times in the early 1980s.

Guards Red chassis 911 561 0019
The second - 911 561 0033 - was a Melbourne order in Sahara Beige with a full cinnamon leather interior. The only other option was a Blaupunkt Frankfurt radio. It had the standard steel hard top and standard 6” & 7” Fuchs wheels with no spoilers.

The current owner is David Withers in Sydney and it has been a multi owner car over the years. The first owner was Paul Clark of Melbourne and was delivered in November 1975. Unknown when it came to Sydney but the first time I saw it was the early 1980s and belonged to Mike Orlainsky and was Arrow blue. In the late 1980s it was Copper Bronze and was returned to Sahara Beige by Ian Murray who sold it to me in August 1991. I owned this car until September 2004.

Sahara Beige chassis 911 561 0033
The third – 911 561 0040 – was a Perth order in Lime Green with cinnamon leatherette seats and tweed centres. Options were front & rear spoilers and the folding top with the standard 6” and 7” Fuchs wheels.

Current owner is Kane Hearn in Melbourne and it has had only four documented owners. The original owner was Rainer Tscheuschler who took delivery in Stuttgart in October 1974 and added a Blaupunkt Goslar radio while he was in Germany. Rainer then worked abroad and returned to Australia via Japan and advertised the car in Unique Cars asking $39,900 in August 1997. It was found in Adelaide recently after eight years dormant with only 45,000 km registered and as such is the most original of the three.

Lime Green chassis 911 561 0040
All three remain in remarkably standard trim despite now being over forty years old. Those who were at the recent Rennsport at Eastern Creek would have seen these three Targas together in the Show and Shine area on the Sunday morning. 

Sharp eyed observers would have noticed the low profile 50/55 series tyres on all car . These would have replaced the standard 185/70 and 215/60 Dunlop Super Sport SP57s worn from new. These lower profile tyres such as Pirelli P7s were approved by Porsche as replacement use on the 1975 Carrera 2.7s and the new Turbo in conjunction with a corrected 300 kph speedometer (Christophorus 116 April 1975).

The steel hardtops on Kevin’s 0019 and David’s 0033 were a little known standard fitting as the optional folding top proved much more popular. These were offered only in 1974/1975. Needless to say, they are a greatly prized collectors piece today. I had one with my car 0033 and they are very heavy.

Owners Kane Hearn, David Withers and Kevin Jarman at Eastern Creek Rennsport 1 May 2016
To say the least, it is very unusual to have a display forty plus years later of the total year’s production of the one Porsche model. It is a credit to the successive owners that they have considered the cars significant enough to maintain them well over them years.

Thanks to the owners – David Withers of Sydney – Kevin Jarman for bringing his car from Brisbane – and Kane Hearn for bringing his car from Melbourne – true Porsche Club spirit!

Total 911: 2.7 RS v 2.7 Carrera

Next month's Total 911 issue #139 features a seven page article title "2.7 RS v 2.7 Carrera" that compares the racing purpose 1973 Carrera 2.7 RS Sport Lightweight (M471) versus a touring version of the 1975 Carrera 2.7 MFI with red/blue MacLachlan tartan seat inlays.

Both 2.7-liter Carreras are featured in red with great photos accompanying the article. Unsurprisingly, the hat is tipped to the Lightweight, which is a spectacular sports-purpose machine with a much racier persona in its more stripped down trim. Of course, a fairer comparison for the 1973 Carrera RS M471 Lightweight is its direct replacement: the lightweight and low-production 1974 Carrera 3.0 RS, as the Carrera 2.7 MFI was the direct successor to the Carrera 2.7 Touring (M472) variation.

25th Anniversary Carrera Targa

1975 Silver Anniversary Jubilee Carrera 2.7 MFI Targa chassis 911 561 0058 to be auctioned at Techno Classica Essen on April 9th.

Description from the auction company:

Late in 1974 Porsche started building a special 911 model to mark the company’s 25th anniversary. Only 400 2.7 Targa 25th Anniversary models were built, and all were finished in silver and bestowed with plenty of extras. Of the 400 built, just 16 were Carrera Targas, and chassis 0058 is one of those. Although for the German market these Anniversary cars were built in coupe form (as the 911 S), only a few were 2.7-litre Carreras. The 2.7 Carrera Targa was supplied with the legendary 2.7 RS engine with mechanical fuel injection as fitted in the 1973 Porsche 911 RS. 

The car offered for sale here is not only one of the ultra rare Targas, it is also restored from the ground up and comes with extensive photo documentation, a Porsche authenticity certificate and German road registration documents. Having covered only about 700kms since its documented restoration, we dare to say it is the only one on offer in this specification and condition, with any others unlikely to come to market for a very long time. A very special Porsche indeed – just the car for the serious collector looking for the true jewel in the crown of his or her collection.

HSR "Classic RS Cup" Racing Series

Starting mid-1973, those who missed ordering a 1973 Carrera 2.7 RS had the option of a Carrera 2.7 MFI, or the extremely limited Carrera 3.0 RS. This ultimately led to privateers campaigning the Carrera 2.7 MFI in many significant events including the Targa Florio, Monte Carlo Rally, Acropolis Rally, Rallye Sanremo, Rallye d’Antibes, Rally dell'Isola d’Elba and 24 Heures d'Ypres, among others.

For 2016, Historic Sportscar Racing (HSR) and Jochen Maas have created a special new racing series specifically for Porsche's 2.7 to 3.0-liter RS/RSR models, including the RS-spec Carrera 2.7 MFI built from 1974 through 1975 which shared the typ 911SC designation with the RS models.  Called the "Classic RS Cup", HSR has coined the series of events "A Throw Back To The International Race of Champions (IROC)". To level the playing field, minimum weights for the car and driver are assigned to each displacement model.

The series begins with Virginia International Raceway (May 26-29) followed by Road Atlanta (September 16-18), Hutchinson Island (October 27-30), Daytona (November 10-13) and Sebring (December 1-4). Each event consists of two 25-minute sprint races as well as a 60-minute endurance challenge.

More information is available in the Classic RS Cup booklet and the Classic RS Cup website.

'74 Lime Green Targa in USA

Description from the seller:

No need for a long introduction. By now, every Porsche enthusiast knows how rare and special these cars are! This Carrera has been delivered new to Germany in 1974 and was officially imported to the United States in 1996.

This is one of only 433 Targas built in 1974 with the famous 911-83 type engine, the mighty Carrera RS powerhouse with mechanical fuel injection! Very few were painted in the striking lime green color (code N8V9) which makes this car even more collectible.

This car has been commissioned to a complete and fully documented restoration by Freddy Hernandez of Vintage Sportscar restoration, a master of the trade.The engine was completely done by Tom Amon of Mobile Works West and has less than 300 miles on it today. A genuine RS ducktail (not a replica) was added at this time. Original 300km/h speedo included.

This strikingly beautiful car comes with its jack, tool bag, spare wheel and a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity. Nice documentation all the way back to Germany is on hand. This is an all numbers matching Carrera in flawless collector condition! Rare opportunity to own a timeless classic in period correct colors!

Offered for $275,000 (approx. 254,000 EUR).

Copper Brown Metallic '76 Sondermodell

Description from the seller:

Porsche 911 2.7 Carrera MFI aus 1976. Einer von 113 gebaute Sondermodelle. Nicht restauriert, sondern neu lackiert, alles erneut, Motor auch (Rechnung von fast 20.000 euro). Auto hat 16 Jahre nicht gefahren. Erstbesitzer ware ein Ärtztin aus Belgien, ist jetzt zum Verkaufen vom zweite Besitzer. Interiör auch Komplett Original, ich habe viele Fotos von wie gut das Auto war als wir es kauften. Ganz Original und Matching Numbers. Mehr Info mbz diese Autos: www.carreramfi.com.

Rough English translation:

Porsche 911 2.7 Carrera MFI from 1976. A special models built by the 113th Not restored, but repainted, everything again, engine also (bill of nearly 20,000 euros). Car has not moved 16 years. First owner would be a Ärtztin from Belgium, is now on sale from the second owner. Interiör also complete original, I have lots of pictures of how well the car was when we bought it. Full original and matching numbers. DETAILS about these cars: www.carreramfi.com.

Silver 1974 Carrera 2.7 MFI

Description from the seller:

No need for a long introduction. By now, every Porsche enthusiast knows how rare and special these cars are! This Carrera has been delivered new to Italy in January 1974, where it was sold in Bologna to its first of four total owners. 100% matching number car, with original color combination, silver metallic over leatherette and shetland-twill blue/black. Options: limited slip differential and Koni shock absorbers. The car has only traveled 106k kilometers (66k miles) from new, certified by official Porsche invoices.

It comes with its original tool bag, jack, compressor, spare wheel, books and user’s guide, certificate of authenticity from Porsche, double keys and original date stamped Fuchs wheels 6 and 7 x15. Even the instruments have been verified to be date stamped correctly.

After a first slight restoration in the 90’s (documented with photos), the car just benefitted from a preservative restoration, keeping the car as original as possible. There are still traces of the original under coating visible. The Bosch injection pump, original discs, calipers, suspensions, arms, gearbox, stainless steel exhaust, everything is still original.

The car needs absolutely nothing! Perfect paint, interior new by Tappezzeria Ferraresi, mechanical and electrical totally dismounted and serviced. The engine has been completely rebuilt less than 5000 kms (3100 miles) ago. The restoration is fully documented; moreover the car comes with all service invoices from official Porsche dealers since 1991.

Offered for 245,000 EUR (approx. $275,000 USD).

1976 Carrera 2.7 MFI @ Rétromobile

Description from the auction house:

Chassis n° 9116609116
Engine n° 6668129

Come 1974 and the 911 got the 2.7 litre engine. At the same time, to satisfy the requirements of the American market, it got the new thicker impact bumpers and was designated the G Model. Depending on the version, the power goes from 150 to 210hp.

This Carrera, the most sporting variant, has the 911/83 engine with the Bosch MFI mechanical fuel injection from the 1973 Carrera RS. 1633 coupes were built, which makes it a low production model in Porsche terms. In 1976 a final series of about 113 cars ending in chassis 9116609123 would be built for the German home market with a galvanized body. Some historians call this mini series a Sondermodell (German for a special model). This makes it a certainly a collector's car and makes it possible to own an original 911 without restoring the bodywork.

Its original Fahrzeugbrief shows that it was bought new in July 1976 by Hans Karmann. Two more German owners followed, Gerhard Gottwick in October 1976 and Wolfgang Utsch in January 1982. In September 1983 Daniel Brouillon bought the car and imported it to France. Four more French owners were to follow (La Galle, Cazaux, Mootgat) and finally Labat acquired the car in June 2005. The car's history records the car's ownership and includes a comprehensive file of invoices from the reputed workshops of Almeras and Sonauto, covering the years from 1983 to 1993, a period during which the car was meticulously maintained and its engine and gearbox were rebuilt. A 911 3.2L oil cooler was fitted to improve engine cooling under normal road conditions. A well known establishment, Joffroy Automobile in Arles, has just serviced the car and fitted a new DHKZ ignition system. We have a very comprehensive service history for the car from 2005 to date.

The car has recently been resprayed in black (colour reference 700-9-2) and presents well. The door fits are excellent, sign that the body shell is sound and probably has never needed stripping. It seems the right time to remember that this car is one of the very last of this series in a production run of some 113 coupes and has the advantage of the hot dipped galvanized body. The interior is in excellent original condition with the original navy blue carpets and those tartan seats so typical of the period. Incidentally the car has two optional extras, which were rare at the time: an electrically operated driver's rear view mirror and a wiper fitted to the rear windscreen. Its excellent condition earned it an article in Flat Six in 2005. With 30,458 km on the clock and its detailed history of meticulous maintenance, we can offer this car in an ultra rare state of originality, which is not surprising when you take into account its history and the fact that it had that hot dip galvanizing at the factory.

Auction house estimate €220,000–€260,000 (approx. $240,000 – $284,000)