Restoration Details

More details on the restoration of 1976 Carrera 2.7 MFI #911 660 9050 as we head towards the finish line. German Master Tech has been busy assembling the Carrera back to its original glory one part at a time.

Original aluminum front cross member, steering rack, and anti-sway bars installed.
Trombone cooler and horns are a visual symphony.
Gauges freshly restored by Palo Alto Speedometers make the interior look like it is starting to come together. Palo Alto left the backs untouched so all the original date codes are still in place.
More parts return from the platers ready to be assembled.

Muffler Madness

While we certainly could have installed a modern replacement, such as the Dansk Sport muffler, this project is all about the little details that make it original.

The rest-of-world 911s — including the 1976 Carrera 2.7 — were equipped with the Bischoff 911.025.01 two-in, single-out mufflers during 1974-1976 (and possibly beyond). The North American Carrera models were equipped with the same muffler in 1974, but starting in 1975 they switched to a revised design for emissions. This makes having an original muffler here in the States quite rare as not only have most rusted out, but if you ever wanted to find a replacement there would be few options.

Bischoff must have produced these mufflers in mass quantities as the date stamp on the 1976 Carrera 2.7 muffler was May 1974. The muffler was in ok shape under a cursory examination, but once inspected closely there were some signs of rust that had to be taken care of as well as some scrapes to the tip in the past. The repairs were carefully done, taking great pains to preserve the original factory welds as well as the part number and date codes on the bottom. While it would certainly have been much cheaper to just buy and install the best muffler Dansk offered, the goal of this project is authenticity and originality wherever possible.

Update 7/25/2012: Guy White — a UK expert on the Carrera 2.7/3.0 models — noted that the rear valence and rear side skirts shouldn't have texture on them (not to mention the texture was too fine). This was a mistake by our painters that is being corrected as well to be the original flat finish.

The original muffler tip was repaired by welding additional material onto the end which had been ground off and then repainted the correct black finish.
Bischoff 911.025.01 muffler with May 1974 date code and original factory welds for the flange.
Final installation of the muffler gets the Carrera one step closer to firing up.

Rare Magenta 1974 Coupe

Very nicely restored 1974 Carrera in the extremely rare Magenta color, which looks fabulous for a period color especially with the chrome trim. This is one of the early 1974 Carreras that still had the RS reinforcements welded into the rear tunnel, though by this point Porsche had switched to the stamped SC flares instead of welded on RS flares.

An exceptionally presented Carrera with the early thick grip hub-centric Carrera Sport steering wheel, Sport seats, ducktail, 15 x 7J and 8J Fuchs, chrome trim. While I haven't seen a COA to compare the options to those originally delivered, it appears that the restorers have done their homework in trying to restore this Carrera to be close to how it would have left the factory in late 1973.

It is hard to find things to pick on, but a prospective buyer that wants to take the Carrera to top concours events have a few things that they may want to correct. The Sport seat knobs are the incorrect later arrow version. Appears to have the Carrera sticker used in the US instead of the rest-of-world Carrera script badge. Missing tire pressure engine decal. The side reflectors should be changed to the European style black bumpers. The interior was restored with all black since the correct midnight vinyl is not currently available. All of these and a few other items, except the interior vinyl, are quite easy to correct and would be a few steps closer to factory original.

If I didn't already own a Carrera 2.7 this would be on my list to consider, though several things don't quite add up about the mechanicals. As with all rare cars, prospective buyers should confirm all chassis stampings, aluminum chassis tag stamping, engine numbers (both engine number and that it is a correct type 911/83). Hiring an expert in early 1970s 911s to do a pre-purchase inspection and verify all the numbers are matching and unaltered would be well worth it.

Description from the seller:

CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY- ULTRA RARE- NEVER IMPORTED INTO THE US- ONLY 1,026 MANUFACTURED- PORSCHE'S LAST STREET LEGAL MECHANICAL FUEL INJECTION VEHICLE- FACTORY INSTALLED 2.7 LITER RS MOTOR- IDENTICAL WEIGHT TO THE 73' RS TOURING CAR- G-SERIES BODY- DUCKTAIL- ALL RECEIPTS- The Auto Gallery is honored to present this superlative 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera ROW / MFI with 5-Speed Manual Transmission. Finished in a Magenta Exterior and a Black Leather Interior, this 911 Carrera is simply terrific! This Porsche has been very well maintained, recently serviced, and with only 26,180 miles, it is in immaculate condition! This 911 Carrera boasts an extensive list of equipment that includes, 2.7 LITER RS MOTOR, G-SERIES BODY, DUCKTAIL, Leather Interior, K45 Option Group, Bumpers w/ Impact Absorbers, Leather Sport Steering Wheel, Forged Light Metal Wheels, Sekuriflex Windshield, Black Headliner, Sunroof, Fog Lights and much more! The 911 Carrera ROW / MFI (Euro Carrera 2.7) were manufactured for the European market following the end of legendary RS model. Due to strict US emission laws these vehicles were never imported. These cars came equipped with a factory installed 210 bhp 2.7 Liter motor straight out of the RS. The major difference from the RS being the G-Series body as oppose to the long hood form. These Row / MFI vehicles were produced in similar numbers to the RS and carried the same weight as the RS Touring car. Car and Driver recorded a 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds, during extensive testing. This particular car features a Factory Installed RS 2.7 Liter Engine with 37 more bhp than the US motor, a Lightweight 2,370 lb G-Series Body and Increased Downforce via the famous Ducktail Spoiler, making this a great buy. Take advantage of this opportunity as this beautiful 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera ROW / MFI is being offered at an incredible price and WILL BE SOLD SOON! VIN 9114600263

Offered for $249,980 USD and has also been posted on eBay.