Orange '74 MFI at Techno Classica

Updated 4/9/2014: Sold for asking price.

Posted 3/30/2014: One of several Carrera 2.7 MFI offered over the weekend at Techno Classica in Essen, Germany was a 1974 Carrera MFI painted in its original orange color.

This Carrera was recently partially restored including removing Turbo style flares, repainting in the original color, correcting and refreshing the interior, and reinstalling a ducktail. A few liberties were taken with the restoration including fitting larger 7J and 8J Fuchs, front spoiler, etc.

Rough description from seller:

I'm sending you some pictures of the car that were taken today at the Techno Classica in Essen, Germany. As you can see, I have put the car back to it's original colour of Porsche E7 / 156 orange, removed the turbo wings and had them professionally replaced with genuine Porsche RS rear wings.I have put the car back to it's original colour of Porsche E7 / 156 orange, removed the turbo wings and had them professionally replaced with genuine Porsche RS rear wings.

Following the original options, great care was taken to give the car the originally optioned yellow / chrome fog lamps. The interior was retrimmed in midnight blue pigskin vinyl. For the seat centres, I made the choice to have them trimmed in option 11, which is embossed midnight blue vinyl, instead of the originally fitted tweed/twill centres. The only reason for this deviation is that the Tweed and twill are no longer available.

The certificate from Porsche shows this car was originally optioned with a ducktail, and a correct steel framed ducktail has been sourced and fitted.

The car has been professionally painted outside, inside, underneath, as well as engine compartment and boot. Mechanically, the car has undergone a full rebuild of both the original engine and suspension by Johannes Gruber at Ecurie Vienne, and it really drives like a new car.

The car also comes with the complete owners history from new, listing all the addresses since new.

Offered for €185,000 (approx. $254,000) by a Belgian owner at Techno Classica.

'74 GP White Carrera in the Netherlands

Update 3/30/2014: Sold while on display at Techno Classica.

Posted 3/27/2014: This Grand-Prix White 1974 Carrera 2.7 MFI in the Netherlands is being offered with the original engine as well as the original, and very rare today, midnight blue interior panels and seats. There is a number of incorrect details that buyers who want a really original appearing Carrera MFI would need to correct. These include incorrect exhaust, wrong steering wheel, incorrect tachometer, wheel arches black instead of body color, incorrect front spoiler, missing decals, black chassis number paint, carpets replaced with black instead of midnight, and US/Japan style front indicators instead of white Italian among other details. Most of these issues can be fixed with little expense. The more expensive bits to correct are the tachometer and missing thick grip Carrera Sport steering wheel.

Description from the seller:

De "onbekende" bekende !! Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 MFI. MATCHING NUMBERS. Het betreft hier een perfect origineel Europees exemplaar ! Van deze zeldzame, en vrij onbekende versie zijn er in totaal slechts 1500 geproduceerd ! Echter in 2 verschillende versies, de EU MFI 210 pk versie, en de aangepaste US versie met slechts 175 pk. Deze "Euro Carrera" is de meest geliefde en gezochte versie, en absoluut niet te vergelijken met de US versie. De motor ( 911/83 ) is exact dezelfde als die in de welbekende 911 Carrera 2.7 RS uit 1973 !! Zo ook de ophanging en versnellingsbak. Dit resulteerde in vrijwel dezelfde rijeigenschappen als die van de ’73 RS. Zoals op de meeste US varianten de welbekende "Ducktail" als optie leverbaar was, was dat bij de EU versie niet het geval. Echter een duidelijke optische herkenning zijn de verbrede achterschermen, zoals we die bij de latere 3.2 versies ook weer terug zien. Dit exemplaar is ongerestaureerd, en slechts enkel een keer herspoten aan de buitenzijde in de originele kleur. De gehele carrosserie is puntgaaf en vrij van roest. Het interieur prachtig origineel, met een minimum aan patina. Wellicht is dit type nog zeldzamer dan zijn bekende voorganger, en voor de 911 verzamelaar een absolute "Must have" in zijn collectie ! ! Chassisnr: 9114600422 Motor: 6640577

Rough English translation of seller's description:

The "unknown " known ! Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 MFI. MATCHING NUMBERS . It is a perfect original European example! Of these rare and little-known version , a total of only 1,500 produced ! Two different versions the EU MFI 210 hp version and modified U.S. version with only 175 hp . This " Euro Carrera " is the most popular and sought after release, and definitely does not compare to the U.S. version . The motor ( 911/83 ) is exactly the same as in the well-known 911 Carrera RS 2.7 of 1973 ! Similarly, the suspension and gearbox . This resulted in much the same handling as that of the RS '73 . Like most U.S. variants of the well-known " Duck Tail " option was available , which was with the EU version is not the case . However, a clear optical recognition are the widened rear fenders , as we also look back at the later 3.2 versions . This copy is unrestored , and only just once repainted exterior in the original color . The entire body is in mint condition and free of rust . The interior beautifully original, with a minimum of patina . Perhaps this type is even rarer than its famous predecessor , and the collector 911 is an absolute " must-have " in his collection ! ! VIN: 9114600422 Motor: 6640577

Very few Carrera MFI are on the market right now and, like most of the rest of the Porsche 911 market, have become very hot commodities. Despite some of the incorrect details this is one worth checking out.

Offered for €180,000 (approx. $248,000 USD).

GT Spirit Carrera 2.7 MFI Model

Very few models have been made of the 1974-1976 Carrera 2.7 MFI, however GT Spirit have just released two new 1:18 scale resin models for 2014. These appear to be very high quality models that do a very good job of getting the details right.

GT Spirit produces their models with polyurethane resin and plastic parts for mirrors, wheels, and lights. They achieve realistic paint by painting two layers of primer, two layers of paint and a final varnish layer  all done by hand. The models are produced using 3D scans of actual cars to ensure correct proportions.

First released in February 2014 was a 1974 Carrera 2.7 MFI in "Rose Metallic" (GT011CS) produced in a limited edition of 1000 and released. This appears to be close to a Salmon Metallic color.

In April 2014 GT Spirit will be releasing a gold Carrera with black Carrera side script (GT011ZM) in a limited edition of 500 along with a black wooden display base.

1976 Carrera MFI as RS 3.0 Tribute

This 1976 Carrera 2.7 MFI in Minerva Blue has been extensively modified into a Carrera RS 3.0 tribute track weapon. Only 113 of these rare Carreras were built, limited to distribution within the German market, and were the last mechanically fuel injected 911 that Porsche ever built for the street. Unfortunately drastic modifications significantly hurt the value of these rare cars so this is being offered for 30-40% less than the estimated price of an original 1976 Carrera 2.7 MFI.

Description from the seller:

  • Originaler 76er Carrera 2.7 (der mit dem RS Motor!)
  • Einer von nur 123 in 1976 noch gebauten Carrera 2.7 - Die einzigen mit Feuerverzinkter Karrose!
  • Fahrzeug Ident Nr.: 9116609104
Nach dem Erfolg des Carrera RS 2.7 von 1973 verbaute Porsche in geringer Stückzahl den 2.7 Carrera RS Motor weiter im 74-76er 911 Carrera. Besonders rar sind die letztgebauten 1976er von dem 123 Coupes und 30 Targas entstanden.

Ein großer Teil dieser 911 Carrera ist nicht mehr erhalten. Oft wurden diese Autos wegen ihres begehrten Motors geschlachtet. Heute erzielen Sie Höchstpreise und sind kaum noch zu bekommen.

1978 wurde der Wagen auf Turbobreit umgebaut (Blechumbau). Der letzte Besitzer rüstete den Wagen dann schließlich auf Carrera RS 3.0 Optik um. Auch technisch wurde viel verbessert und umgebaut.

  • Bremsanlage für 8.500 Euro vom Porsche 930
  • Bilstein Fahrwerk
  • Fuchfelgen 9" vorne und 11" hinten
  • Heigo Schraubkäfig
  • originale Lollipop Sitze
  • Momo Prototypo Lenkrad
  • GFK Türen
  • GFK Fronthaube
  • und vieles mehr
Derzeit ist im Fahrzeug ein 3.4 Liter Motor (RSR Spec) mit mechanischer Einsprizung und Doppelzündung verbaut. Leistung etwa 330 PS. Laufleistung des Motors 4.000 KM. Kosten des Motors 40.000 Euro!

Wahlweise wird der Wagen mit dem originalen 2.7er Motor oder dem 3.4 Liter Motor abgegeben

Für 35.000 Euro Aufpreis bekommen Sie beide Motoren.

Rough English translation:

  • Original '76 Carrera 2.7 (the RS with the engine!)
  • One of only 123 built in 1976 still 2.7 Carrera - The only ones with hot-dip galvanized Karrose!
  • Vehicle ID No.: 9116609104
After the success of the Carrera RS 2.7 1973 Porsche built in small numbers the 2.7 Carrera RS motor continues in the 74-76th 911 Carrera. Particularly rare, the last built the 1976 arose from the 123 coupes and 30 Targas. Much of this 911 Carrera has not survived. Often, these cars were slaughtered because of their much coveted motor. Today you achieve maximum prices and are hardly to get. 1978, the car was rebuilt on Turbo Wide (sheet conversion). The last owner upgraded the car finally on Carrera RS 3.0 look around. Also technically was much improved and rebuilt.

  • Brake system for 8500 euros from the Porsche 930
  • Bilstein Suspension
  • Fuchfelgen 9 "front and 11" rear
  • Heigo screw box
  • Lollipop original seats
  • Momo steering wheel Prototypo
  • GRP doors
  • GRP front hood
  • and much more
Currently fitted with mechanical Einsprizung and dual ignition in the vehicle is a 3.4 liter engine (RSR Spec). Power about 330 hp. Performance of the engine 4000 KM. Cost of the motor 40,000 Euros! Optionally, the car is delivered with the original 2.7er engine or the 3.4 liter engine for 35,000 euros extra you get both engines.

Offered for €119,000 (approx. $165,000 USD).

'74 RHD Yellow Carrera MFI Targa

This 1974 Carrera 2.7 MFI Targa with 106k miles and equipped with LSD and ducktail is recently available in the UK.

Description from the seller:

Light Yellow, Midnight Blue leatherette with Shetland inlays and twill headrests and side panels and 40% locking differential.

Supplied new in in August 1974 to Mr Norman Anstis (formerly of The Sailors Arms, Newquay who was famed for turning Newquay into a sea side nightlife hotspot and also a keen rally driver in the 1970s!) by AFN Ltd.

Immediately after the legendary 1973 Carrera RS finished production a series of Carreras were built for the European market that were equivalent to the M472 optioned 73 RS Touring models. This rare and desirabled Porsche was the G-series Carrera 2.7 MFI (aka Euro Carrera 2.7) which used the same 911/83 RS mechanically fuel injected (MFI) engine that produced 210 bhp. The major difference between these Carreras and the RS was that they were built with the “G-series” body and interior instead of the earlier long bonnet form. The weight of the G-Series Carrera MFI was also 1075 kg like the 1973 RS Touring cars. All 1974 Carrera MFI cars either came with a ducktail or tail delete, while 1975 and later Carrera MFI either came with the whale tail or tail delete.

Allegedly only 433 Targa models were built, destined only for Europe, the RHD versions would potentially have accounted for only 10% of this figure. The car we see here is chassis number 9114610158 and has undergone an extensive restoration. The car also benefits from having an engine rebuild at 98100 miles. The restoration included a total of £23,000 in parts/third party charges and a similar cost against the labour to strip and rebuild this fine example.

The car is supplied with its original service booklet, keys, MOT to December 2014, Original Porsche book packs, build file complete with all receipts and Porsche Certificate of Authenticity.

Offered for £74,995 (approx $125,000 USD).

Gooding & Co Auctions '74 Carrera

The black Italian delivery 1974 Carrera 2.7 MFI (chassis #911 460 0500) hammered sold at the Gooding & Co Amelia Island Auction for $215,000 USD plus 10% commission for a total of $236,500 USD (approximately €170,500).

This was a solid result for an honestly presented example with no major issues. Most of the minor issues can easily be corrected by replacing the incorrect Carrera script, sourcing correct Carrera style speedometer, fitting the correct white Italian front reflectors, and adding the few missing engine bay decals. Given the strength of the rest of the 911 market and those sold at the Amelia Island auction you can consider this well bought and still a relative bargain.

Other relevant 911s sold at Gooding & Co's 2014 Amelia Island auction (including commission):

  • 1973 RS Lightweight  $1.4 million
  • 1988 959  $1.1 million
  • 1973 911 S  $242,000
  • 1969 911 E  $137,500
That said, remember that auction results are rarely reproduced in private sales. This was quite a bit higher result  by almost 13%  than I expected the final result to be prior to the auction.