Porsche 911 2.4S V 2.7 Carrera: The Unseen Photos

One of my favorite magazines to arrive each month, Total 911, published some additional photos from their "Porsche 2.4S V 2.7 Carrera" article from issue 132.

Total 911 Magazine: 2.4S V 2.7 Carrera

On the front cover of Total 911: The Porsche Magazine issue 132 features the article "2.4S V 2.7 Carrera: Which of these top-spec titans offers the best classic drive?"  The latest issue heads to Finland for a head-to-head road trip in a 1973 Porsche 911 2.4S and its impact bumper replacement, the iconic 2.7 Carrera.

The conclusion:

"...the Carrera provided me with much more cosseting, devouring everything that was thrown in its way: the archetypal grand tourer, built for occasions such as this. From behind the wheel of the 2.4 S, I couldn't help but sneak a glance every now and then at the evocative rear end of the Carrera, envious of its talents. For the weekend, I'd have to take the S just for its sheer involvement, but if I've got to live with my £200,000 classic 911, it doesn't get much better than the Carrera 2.7. In fact, scratch that. It doesn't get any better, end of."

Grand-Prix-White with Red Interior

Excellent color combination of class Grand-Prix White over a contrasting red interior. It is rare to see mid-1970s 911s with original door panels that no prior owner cut to install speaker panels. All the engine components are there, including the often missing warm-up air regulator. It wouldn't take much work to clean up all the details on this Carrera 2.7 MFI and have it close to how it left the factory.

Description from the seller:

Porsche 911 CARRERA 2.7 MFI , 1975, grandprixweiss, red interior Complete original, rare color combination, original interior never restored.
Matching numbers engine +gearbox!
Porsche certificate
This is one from 518 built in 1975!
Technical identical as RS , engine 210 HP mechanical fuel injection!
Invoice historical

Offered for €240,000 (approx. $273,000 USD)

1975 Carrera with '74 911/83 Engine

Description from the seller:

Porsche carrera 2.7 MFI 1975, N° de serie 9115600398. 5 speed, Sunroof, tinted windows, Factory sport Leather interior (SO). color "vert diamant" ref 250 matching. motor 911/83 N° 6640729 1974. Nut & Bolt restoration. complete file of restoration available to qualified buyers.

Offered for €190,000 (approx. $216,000 USD).

AMAG Switzerland delivered Carrera

Description from the seller:

Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 (154 kW / 210 hp), 100% original, NEVER restored, AMAG Switzerland Delivery. Motor NEVER opened (100% original), Matching Number (chassis No. 911 460 XXX). First owner for more than 40 Years. I am the second owner. Original Color Light Yellow (117), Original Mileage less than 99,000 KM. Original Accessories: Ducktail RS (Original Hanes Carrera 2.7, not a copy), Blaupunkt radio (all market on the original 1973 Bill from Porsche ...). Price Requested EUR300'000 due to the originality and never restored state. First contact by mail. The car is located in Switzerland.

Offered for 300,000 EUR (approx. $342,000 USD).

Restored Grand-Prix White '74

Description from the seller:

Porsche 911 CARRERA 2.7 MFI , 1974, grandprixweiss
Complete original, comes from south italy(sicilia) 2 owners!
Km 105000
Matching numbers engine +gearbox!
Porsche certificat/extra’s left mirror and lim slip differential
This is one from 1026 built in 1974! Vin 911 4 600 5XX
Technical identical as RS , engine 210 HP mechanical fuel injection!
This car is not restored.all made fresh and new parts as technical and interior ,no underbodyprotection,new tires,seals etc.
All parts used are original porsche parts , bills are with the car!

Offered for €289,000 (approx. $323,000 USD).