Steering Wheel Reborn

We just received the original 380mm 3-spoke Carrera steering wheel back from Autobahn Interiors. Once again Tony's guys have worked their magic and granted the original wheel a new life after being recovered and reconditioned.

While many Porsche fanatics love the thicker "double wrapped" wheel for a more substantial grip that supposedly enhances drivability, we are shooting for absolutely originality with this rare Carrera. The instructions to Tony were to recover the wheel in leather exactly how it would have left the Porsche factory in 1976.

It sure has come a long way since the day I first saw the Carrera. How do you think this turned out?

The double wrapped wheel looked extremely rough when we first found the Carrera in the body shop. It had been sitting for well over a decade.
The original wheel after removing the poorly stitched aftermarket leather cover installed by a prior owner.
Details of the original stitching and leather worn smooth from years of use.
Close up of the stitching after being recovered in new leather.
The finished product once the original wheel was completely reassembled.

DIY MFI Pump Rebuild

For those adventurous tinkerers there is a new DIY book for repairing and recalibrating the 019 MFI pump used on the 1974-76 Carrera MFI 2.7.  The book, "Porsche 911 Mechanical Fuel Pump, 1969-1973, A DIY Step-By-Step Guide" by Michael Burgess, includes hundreds of detailed photographs and step-by-step instructions on how to disassemble, maintain, and reassemble the pump.

Description from the publisher:

This 160-page book shows you how to rebuild and recalibrate a PED 6 KL mechanical fuel injection pump at home. It thoroughly describes all steps in overhauling and testing pumps for the 2.0, 2.2, 2.4, and 2.7-liter engines in the 911T, 911E, and 911S. The entire process is covered, including how to build and use your own simple test rig, and pump calibration data is included. The secret to the book is that it's very well illustrated, with over 300 clear, detailed photographs of every step. I'd say it's essential for most early 911 owners and restorers. The book is spiral-bound, 8x12 inches.

Available for $89.95 from Todd Hall Motorbooks or £55.00 directly from Michael Burgess.

The following photos have been excerpted from the book, however visit Michael Burgess's site to see the full excerpt of the introductory chapter. There are rumors that this book is the first in a series with future books covering topics such as repairing throttle bodes, induction stacks, injectors, and finally how to tune the entire system.

Ice Green Metallic & Russet

This RHD 1975 Carrera in Ice Green Metallic with russet (red) interior was featured years ago in Total 911's "Soul Legend" article in May 2008, and previously featured in 911 & Porsche World (July 1998). With 77,213 miles on the clock this Carrera has only covered about 1,000 miles since it last sold in October 2010. While the color combination may be an acquired taste, this looks to be a well sorted Carrera. I'll let the seller's description and magazine writeup describe the car.

Description from the seller:

Ice Green Metallic, Comprehensive Service History, 10 months MOT & Tax, 4 previous owners, featured in 911 Porsche World and several other High Profile Magazines. A rare opportunity to own a top condition 911 Carrera 2.7, an original supercar thats going up in value all the time. Stored in a ventilated garage when not in use. A great investment.

From my records here is a rough, but not guaranteed to be complete, ownership history:

  • 1st owner: Serviced by AFN until placed in storage by first owner in Essex Engineering workshops in 1983 with 51,174 miles.
  • 2nd owner: Purchased July 1993 with 51,733 miles.
  • 3rd owner: Purchased July 1995 with 54,146 miles.
  • 4th owner: Purchased December 1997 with 67,700 miles and then subsequently restored.
  • 5th owner: Purchased January 2007 by Autofarm with unknown mileage.
  • 5th owner: Purchased 2008 with 73,700 miles.
  • 6th owner: Purchased October 2010 with 76,200 miles.
Offered for £68,000 (approx. $110,000 USD) by private seller.


74 Carrera Outside Tokyo

Maybe it is the mood lighting that has seduced me, but this appears to be one stunning 1974 Carrera.

Sounds like this Carrera underwent a recent restoration, including a full body dip in zinc to prevent future rust.  Currently outfitted with larger 16-inch 7" and 8" Fuchs.  LHD model so wasn't an original Japanese delivered Carrera. Unfortunately there are no photographs of the engine compartment.

Unusual tan and black interior makes me think that the original tan seats were replaced with black leather and Porsche logo fabric.  The other deviance from a typical tan interior in 1974 is the black floor mats.

Original description from the seller:




This light yellow Carrera is available from Code 9 International just outside Tokyo. POA

An Arresting Sight!

The latest issue of Classic Porsche (Sept/Oct 2012 #13) has a five page article "Highway Patrol" that documents the twenty 1976 Carrera 2.7 MFI Targas built as special police vehicles for the Belgian Gendarmerie. Included are some great photos showing details such as the blue rotating police light, radio, extra switches, sirens, etc.

Don't have a subscription to Classic Porsche magazine and no newsstand nearby to pickup the issue? Download the Classic Porsche Magazine app for the iPhone and iPad to instantly be able to read the entire issue.