DIY MFI Pump Rebuild

For those adventurous tinkerers there is a new DIY book for repairing and recalibrating the 019 MFI pump used on the 1974-76 Carrera MFI 2.7.  The book, "Porsche 911 Mechanical Fuel Pump, 1969-1973, A DIY Step-By-Step Guide" by Michael Burgess, includes hundreds of detailed photographs and step-by-step instructions on how to disassemble, maintain, and reassemble the pump.

Description from the publisher:

This 160-page book shows you how to rebuild and recalibrate a PED 6 KL mechanical fuel injection pump at home. It thoroughly describes all steps in overhauling and testing pumps for the 2.0, 2.2, 2.4, and 2.7-liter engines in the 911T, 911E, and 911S. The entire process is covered, including how to build and use your own simple test rig, and pump calibration data is included. The secret to the book is that it's very well illustrated, with over 300 clear, detailed photographs of every step. I'd say it's essential for most early 911 owners and restorers. The book is spiral-bound, 8x12 inches.

Available for $89.95 from Todd Hall Motorbooks or £55.00 directly from Michael Burgess.

The following photos have been excerpted from the book, however visit Michael Burgess's site to see the full excerpt of the introductory chapter. There are rumors that this book is the first in a series with future books covering topics such as repairing throttle bodes, induction stacks, injectors, and finally how to tune the entire system.