Steering Wheel Reborn

We just received the original 380mm 3-spoke Carrera steering wheel back from Autobahn Interiors. Once again Tony's guys have worked their magic and granted the original wheel a new life after being recovered and reconditioned.

While many Porsche fanatics love the thicker "double wrapped" wheel for a more substantial grip that supposedly enhances drivability, we are shooting for absolutely originality with this rare Carrera. The instructions to Tony were to recover the wheel in leather exactly how it would have left the Porsche factory in 1976.

It sure has come a long way since the day I first saw the Carrera. How do you think this turned out?

The double wrapped wheel looked extremely rough when we first found the Carrera in the body shop. It had been sitting for well over a decade.
The original wheel after removing the poorly stitched aftermarket leather cover installed by a prior owner.
Details of the original stitching and leather worn smooth from years of use.
Close up of the stitching after being recovered in new leather.
The finished product once the original wheel was completely reassembled.