Weidman's Wonderful Wheels

When German Master Tech sent the complete set of Fuchs wheels down to Weidman's Wheels for refinishing they were extremely crufty and in desperate need of his magic. After a few months of waiting to get to the front of the queue we finally received a package from Harvey Weidman containing completely refinished 7" and 8" Fuchs in one of the correct original finishes used on the 1970s Carreras.

Replicating the correct finish on polished petals is non-trivial and requires clear anodizing over the rough inner lip and polished pedals and outer lip. The wheels are then masked and black industrial enamel paint is sprayed on prior to being baked.

If you need your Fuchs restored to as close to original as possible there are only a few folks to call, and many argue Harvey Weidman is at the top of that list. Weidman's Wheels has been repairing and refinishing Fuchs for nearly 3 decades, both for daily drivers as well as concours winning cars.

We are eagerly awaiting the completion of the rest of the car so we can mount up these up.

To compare the improvement this photo shows one of the nicer condition Fuchs wheels before being sent down to Weidman's Wheels.
This Fuchs wheel has the proper original finishes with both polished petals and outer lip along with a textured inner lip.
The center caps were also refinished by Wiedman's Wheels. Re-anodizing center caps isn't possible due to steel being already attached on the rear.
The 911.361.020.11 part number for the 7" front wheel indicates correct type Fuchs for the pre-1978 cars. These were slightly lighter than the later 911.361.020.41 7" Fuchs wheel which were thicker to deal with the heavier 911SC, 3.3 Turbo, and 3.2 Carrera.