Engine Teardown

The engine has been in the good hands of Jeff Gamroth of Rothsport Racing awaiting its turn in the line. Jeff has finished tearing down the 2.7 RS type engine in preparation for the rebuild.

At this point the original 911/83 7R case and some other parts have been sent off to Ollie's Engineering for necessary machine work.

To kick off the rebuild Jeff had each of the aluminum cylinder heads soda blasted to clean them up. We are about to buy all the necessary parts to complete the engine back to the same spec that it left the factory.

Each step of this engine rebuild will be exciting to watch as the final product will be the center piece to this entire restoration.  Personally I can't wait to see the progress unfold.

Stay tuned for more details on the engine rebuild for 911 660 9050.

The 911/83 engine has been town down and the 7R case is ready to be sent to Ollie's for machine work.
The original forged 90mm Mahle Nikasil coated cylinders (8.5:1 compression) and pistons have been removed from the case. 
Cam towers have been removed and are ready for reconditioning.
The individual aluminum cylinder heads freshly removed from the engine awaiting reconditioning.
Each of the aluminum cylinder heads was carefully cleaned in the soda blaster.
The cylinder heads look almost brand new after being soda blasted.