It's Alive!

Jeff Gamroth and the gang at Rothsport Racing have finished rebuilding the engine and it not only runs like the snarling beast a 911/83 really is, but also looks like serious business. After a year of separation both the engine and type 915 5-speed gearbox will finally be reunited with the chassis this weekend.

This was a top level concours engine rebuild which meant the entire production was turned up to 11. This required extreme attention to detail by Rothsport and every single part on the entire engine was refurbished, replated, or, if absolutely necessary, replaced. To give an idea how serious this process was everything was removed, anything out of alignment was straightened, all the studs were replated, and even the hot air flapper was disassembled so the little Phillips screws could be replated! The engine is absolutely a piece of mechanical jewelry.

That said a few details still are on the punch list to get perfectly original. This includes adjusting the fan strap to the alternative placement used in 1976, applying the correct decals, replacing the heater hoses with the correct dull gray-brown finish, etc. Enjoy the photos and sound of the engine on the dyno! It doesn't get better than this.

The original coil indicated by the April 1976 date stamp.
Overlooking the engine being warmed up for a dyno run from the control booth.
Scott tweaking the fuel adjustment on the MFI pump prior to the final dyno run.
...and the moment we've all been waiting for.

Even with glass between the dyno room and control room the engine wails.

1974 Carrera 2.7 #0197 Restoration

Paul has started a detailed restoration thread on his 1974 Carrera 2.7 #0197.

The following are a combined set of excerpts from the thread to get you excited. Paul has done a gone job at making the thread not only educational but entertaining as well:

Despite a production span of 50 years and countless versions there’s unanimous agreement that the finest 911 of all time is the RS of 1973. It presented a simple design, light weight, with precise steering feedback and a taut and athletic chassis matched with a fabulous power plant. The engine in the greatest road going Porsche was the legendary 2.7 litre, mechanically injected, flat-six. With ample torque from low revs, generous power at high-revs and a sound like no other, the engine helped cement the reputation of the ‘Renn Sport’ car. 

That cars 210bhp engine was also found in the 1974 Carrera coupe (and – yes Sam – the targa). It was mechanically identical to the previous year’s 2.7 RS touring. The Carrera continued with the same RS specification powertrain, cloaked in the new impact bumper body style. 

The ’74 Carrera coupe is the only G-body 911 that retains the same engine and gearing as the 1973 RS and shares with it an identical power to weight ratio. Dr. Georg Konradsheim (author of the definitive book ‘Carrera RS’) agrees: “The 1974 Euro Carrera is a very nice machine and drives very similarly to the RS, just due to the new seats & steering wheel, it does feel a bit different”.

Back in the mid-seventies, legislation in the United States and the requirement to comply with newly introduced state-federal 5mph impact tests meant Porsche were compelled to develop an answer and that manifested itself in the form of the ‘impact bumpers’. Whilst the new styling initially seemed a little compromised compared to the earlier cars, it’s fair to say that Porsche made an excellent job of incorporating the new safety requirements into the design of the 911. The impact bumper styling lasted – unchanged – for 15 years, it proved to be a very successful re-design. Many other manufacturers were panicked into hasty and unsightly add-ons in order to comply with the enhanced crash protection legislation but Porsche considered their revisions carefully and the new car integrated the bulkier bumpers very well. Impact bumper mounts on USA Porsche cars can compress in a low speed parking style nudge. They were fitted with a hydraulic type absorber. Euro models were fitted with a much simpler ‘crush’ tube style that did not compress - and hence are markedly lighter.

Any extra weight incurred by the implementation of the bigger bumper blades and associated hardware was offset by other savings (like the introduction of aluminium trailing arms). The trailing arms alone are reckoned to save approx 4kg. There were other numerous revisions that helped save weight such as the switch to just one battery, lighter front indicators, oh, and, the bonnet was shorter....

Many people think the IB cars are heavy but that weight was slowly put on over many years (another decade and a half, right up to ’89). Yet the 1974 car retained the magnesium engine cases and very little – aside from the cosmetics of the bumpers – was different to the long hoods before. The official weight claimed by Porsche was 1,075kg, exactly as per the ’73 RS touring. The same weight, the same engine, the same gearing.

They made just 1,025 Carrera coupes in ’74 (with a further 518 in 1975). I’m not sure how many were imported into the UK in RHD form but it wasn’t many. It’s a rare car these days after 40 years in the unforgiving British climate. And sadly for the ’74 IB coupe the identical mechanical spec made the car a prime candidate for the many RS replicas produced in subsequent decades. Not many survived this indignity and it’s only in very recent years that the value of an original car has exceeded that of a good, back-dated, RS replica. Sadly most shells were discarded after stripping the drivetrain. The cars were deemed beyond economic repair in those days, the only value lay in the engine. It makes finding a matching numbers car even more difficult.

Personally I really look forward to seeing Paul's restoration progress as well as seeing another one of these rare Carrera restored.

Silver '75 Carrera in Belgium

Update 5/13/2012: This Carrera has been sold.

Posted 5/13/2012: Presented is a nice 1975 Carrera 2.7 in Silver metallic that was originally delivered via D'Ieteren in Belgium. The Carrera underwent a complete repaint at some point including full painting the front trunk area. Aftermarket radio installed but rest of the interior appears original with the thicker grip Carrera Sport 380mm steering wheel. Equipped with 7J and 8J Fuchs with correct black centers for 1975, CibiƩ rally lights, snorkel headlamp washers, etc. Plus a few minor detail issues that seem like they could easily be corrected.

Engine bay has been heavily detailed to the point of over shiny in places, along with incorrectly finished red 11-blade fan. Has the correct original light gray/brownish heater hoses. Missing the regulator housing air intake snorkel for those who want completely original parts, but this isn't necessary for normal operations as it was really for reduced emissions during warmup. Also missing a few decals that are easy to source replacements for. Overall this appears to be a nice Carrera in the classic German silver color combination.

Offered for POA by the seller.

Restored '75 Carrera Heavily Optioned

Updated 5/12/2013: This was incorrectly listed as a 1974. Change to 1975 and updated writeup below to match.

Posted 5/11/2013: Last offered in 2010 this yellow 1975 Carrera has since seen quite a bit of restoration work, reputed to have cost 45k EUR. The owner has corrected many things about this Carrera since the last time it was on the market. Buyers should take into consideration that this Carrera has a replacement 911/83 engine fitted.

If the reported options were original spec this is an very well equipped Carrera with limited-slip differential (LSD), sunroof, Becker Mexico, 7J and 8J Fuchs, and extended hub steering wheel. Strangely it is currently missing the driver's side mirror.  Missing Carrera badge on the rear, though it was possible to order badge delete (option M598). The 1975 model year never came with a ducktail originally and this likely originally came with just a plain decklid. A number of other details could be corrected by someone wanting a completely original car.

Interior may be fitted with original blue-black midnight carpets (they appear a bit too blue), original seat leather, however the door panels have been replaced with black vinyl instead of the midnight blue. Speakers were never installed in the doors for 1975. Interior isn't quite up to the presentation of the rest of that Carrera.

If you are in the market this Carrera looks to be worth checking out. Additional photos should be considered as the ones published have been heavily touched up making analyzing the details difficult.

Description from the seller:

  • Light Yellow
  • Black leather (original leather with new foam padding)
  • Factory Navy carpets
  • Only 455 km on fresh engine rebuild
  • 4 owners
  • chassis number: 9115600250
  • Original German car exported to England in the late 70s, now back in Germany
  • Over 45,000 euros spent on FULL restoration
  • Factory replacement Euro 2.7L MFI motor
  • Upgrade Chain tensioners
  • Electric Sliding Sunroof
  • Limited Slip Differential
  • Front and rear spoilers
  • Raised Hub sport steering wheel
  • Period Becker Mexico radio
  • 7 and 8 inch Fuchs
  • Brand new tires
  • Comes with full documentation
  • Receipts for extensive restoration
Offered POA by the seller.