It's Alive!

Jeff Gamroth and the gang at Rothsport Racing have finished rebuilding the engine and it not only runs like the snarling beast a 911/83 really is, but also looks like serious business. After a year of separation both the engine and type 915 5-speed gearbox will finally be reunited with the chassis this weekend.

This was a top level concours engine rebuild which meant the entire production was turned up to 11. This required extreme attention to detail by Rothsport and every single part on the entire engine was refurbished, replated, or, if absolutely necessary, replaced. To give an idea how serious this process was everything was removed, anything out of alignment was straightened, all the studs were replated, and even the hot air flapper was disassembled so the little Phillips screws could be replated! The engine is absolutely a piece of mechanical jewelry.

That said a few details still are on the punch list to get perfectly original. This includes adjusting the fan strap to the alternative placement used in 1976, applying the correct decals, replacing the heater hoses with the correct dull gray-brown finish, etc. Enjoy the photos and sound of the engine on the dyno! It doesn't get better than this.

The original coil indicated by the April 1976 date stamp.
Overlooking the engine being warmed up for a dyno run from the control booth.
Scott tweaking the fuel adjustment on the MFI pump prior to the final dyno run.
...and the moment we've all been waiting for.

Even with glass between the dyno room and control room the engine wails.