Japan 3.0-liter Carrera Track Conversion

A track prepared 1974 Carrera is available in Japan without its original engine and with interior modifications. Currently fitted with a 3.0-liter engine and setup more as a track car. Those wanting to return it to original specification have a number of items to complete. From a quick survey this at least includes sourcing a RS-spec type 911/83 engine and associated MFI components, early Sport steering wheel, full set of gauges, 915 shift knob, seats, door panels, and refinishing the Fuchs. Not sure what the original color is, the front bonnet area has been painted black.

Offered for $45,000. Contact John Starkey for more information.

Rally Prepped '74 Carrera

This red 1974 Carrera has been modified for rally and is available for sale in France. Modifications include air box, seats, rally lights, gear ratios (and possibly LSD), Turbo big brake kit, among other changes. Fitted with correct 019 MFI pump. Included are the original hood as well as front and rear bumpers. Originally sold December 27, 1973 by Sonauto Porsche near Avignon, France. Original owner's manual with dealer stamps included.

Description from the seller:


Rough English translation:


Offered for €85,000 (approx. $114k USD) in France.

Carrera Primer

With the metal work completed in December the restoration of 1976 Carrera MFI 2.7 #9050 has entered a new phase. I've felt fortunate to be working with a really passionate and talented team that cares about the level of detail required to restore a car to how it left the factory and, wherever possible, taking steps to preserve what originality remains after decades of use. For those that haven't been following from the start the Carrera needed a complete repaint due to being covered in primer, other paint, and dust from sitting in body shops for over a decade.

The body and all panels have now been painted with the initial layer primer. Next all the body panels, lights, trim pieces, etc. will be fitted to the chassis. While Porsche never had perfect gaps, I'd like to have them be a bit closer to the uniform gaps that a factory craftsman would aspire to on their best day. With everything fitted everything can be adjusted to get the gaps as close as possible before filler is added to sand back down to get an even gap. Since changes to one gap impact the gaps on the other edges of the panel this requires an iterative process of adjustments until the gaps all are roughly equal. The final step is block sanding, a critical but very labor intensive step of ensuring a great finish.

At the same time we are spraying out a few final test samples of the silver metallic paint (936 / Z2). Properly duplicating Porsche's period flake is always a challenge given how fine the original metallic flake was. Leading up to this point we've studied and photographed several original Carreras to determine how they were originally painted, where there was over spray, where primer showed through, how thick the paint is, and the exact textures to reproduce where we couldn't save the original texture. It is easy to over restore a car and paint it perfectly, or at least better than how it left the factory. However it is much harder to get the details to more closely match how a 911 left the Porsche factory given how poorly they painted many parts of their cars in the 1970s.

In addition to all the original body panels we are also painting a few spare body parts including an extra driver's side mirror, a plain engine lid, and a duck tail. While not original to the car, the extra engine lid and ducktail allow swapping out the whaletail in the future as the mood strikes. Each was carefully fitted to the body before hand and adjusted to get even gaps. Since silver is a very hard color to match later we wanted to do this when the rest of the Carrera was being painted.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the Carrera finally painted and the body panels reassembled on the car. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as the overall restoration picks up pace.

3.0-liter MFI Hot Rod Carrera

A previous owner has "customized" their Carrera with a 3.0-liter MFI engine, 930 brakes, BBS wheels, replacement steering wheel, engine lid badges, and probably a few other bits and pieces. Seller states four Fuchs come with the car so the BBS wheels can be replaced.

Apart from the replacement steering wheel the interior looks pretty original. Even the driver's carpet appears to have the original ribbed rubber floor mat. The engine compartment doesn't look very tidy, but with a replacement 3.0-liter engine this is a big hit to the value of a Carrera, even if the expensive MFI components are still there.

Seller's description:

PORSCHE 2.7 CARRERA, la vettura presenta alcuni dettagli in più: Interni originali e conservati,targhe originali,freni maggiorati da Porsche 930 turbo,(in dotazione anche i suoi originali),4 cerchi BBS,4 cerchi fuchs, motore 3.0 iniezione meccanica da 250 cv,doppio radiatore dell'olio,assetto bilstein. Vettura molto bella!!! Vero Affare!!!! Mai incidentata!!!

Rough English translation of seller's description:

PORSCHE CARRERA 2.7, the car has a few more details: Interior original and preserved, original plates, larger brakes from Porsche 930 turbo (also included his original), 4 BBS wheels, 4 wheels fuchs, engine 3.0 mechanical injection of 250 hp, twin oil coolers, trim bilstein. Very nice car! Top Values!! Never damaged!

Italian Bianco Carrera

A reader submitted a link to this 1974 Carrera MFI 2.7 a week ago and I forgot to post until now. Not much details offered by the seller. First registered July, 1974 so would have been a very late 1974 model year production, likely one of the last with a ducktail. Chrome trim was still standard in 1974, with the correct chrome mirrors. The Fuchs are more polished than they would have been. Seller didn't provide any detailed photos so not much else to comment on.

Seller's description:

Carrera 2.7 del 1974, proprietario dal 1994, motore rifatto a nuovo, cerchi Fuchs 7x8x15, gomme nuove, appena riverniciata, cofano duck tail originale di una RS, tetto elettrico, piccole imperfezioni di finitura, cruscotto con lesione, vendo solo in contanti.

Rough English translation of seller's description:

Carrera 2.7 in 1974, owner since 1994, a new engine rebuilt, 7x8x15 Fuchs wheels, new tires, recently painted, duck tail trunk of an original RS, electric roof, small imperfections in the finishing dashboard with injury, sell cash only.

Offered for €120.000 by a private seller.

Bonhams Auctions 1975 Carrera

Update February 7, 2013: This Carrera sold for €77,050 (approx. $104k USD) including commissions.

Posted January 10, 2013: Bonhams is auctioning a 1975 Carrera MFI 2.7 at their Paris, The Grand Palais auction on Thursday February 7th, 2013. This will be interesting to watch as it has been at least a year or two since a Carrera was auctioned by a major auction house.

There are a number of details that are incorrect, but they mostly are easy to correct. Some examples of the details include black fuel tank instead of original gray; headlight trim rings painted on black trim cars starting 1975; chrome mirror would have been black or body color in 1975 for black trim cars; later silver ignition coil; replacement window with later style mirror mount. These aren't difficult to fix. However the orange side marker lights on the front quarter panels were not introduced on Porsche until the 1980s, this would require removal, patching the holes, and repaint of those panels. The Carrera side script is also positioned higher than it should, but as this is vinyl it can be removed and easily added back. Not knowing all the original options on the car it could also be that black window trim was installed later and the chrome mirror and front trim ring are original to that car.

If you are looking for a Carrera MFI 2.7 this is definitely a car to have on your radar. My prediction is this will blow well past the estimate as few cars sold anywhere near this level during 2012.

Description for Lot 508:

1975 Porsche 911SC Carrera 2.7-Litre Coupé
Chassis no. 9115600452
Engine no. 6650563

The legendary Porsche RS resulted from the factory's realisation that the weight of its top-of-the-range 2.4-litre 911S production model restricted its development potential for racing. Therefor, it was decided to produced and homologate a special lightweight variant for competition purposes. The result was the Carrera RS (RennSport), which featured thinner-gauge metal in its doors, roof, boot lid, floors and even in the gearchange platform.

When the homologation targets had been met, the lightweight RS was discontinued but the Carrera name continued on Porsche's top-of-the-range model, which in its new, series-production 911SC form mounted the 2.7-litre, 210bhp engine in a full-weight, fully trimmed bodyshell. The tail spoiler was an option and its absence from this car only serves to emphasise the understated elegance of the 911 Carrera in unadorned form.

According to its accompanying Porsche Zertifikat, this car was originally sold in Italy with the following extras: Grand Prix White paintwork; black 'Carrera' side lettering; and a sliding steel sunroof. Recent works, carried out in the autumn of 2012, included overhauling the brakes and fitting a new alternator, wheel bearings and tyres (invoices available). Said to be rust-free and undamaged, the car at some time has been repainted in its original colour. The black leather interior in described as in very good condition and both the gearbox and electrics are said to function normally.

This highly desirable and increasingly collectible early 911 Carrera is offered with Austrian Einzelgenehmigung and the aforementioned Porsche Zertifikat. 

€55,000 - 65,000
£45,000 - 53,000
US$ 72,000 - 85,000

2012 Market Review: Carrera MFI 2.7

The market for Carrera MFI 2.7 coupes appears to have risen quite a bit during 2012. While this rise could be explained away as just part of the continued strength in the overall collector car market, that doesn't explain the complete story. As Porsche enthusiasts have been priced out of comparable long hoods the G-series models appear more attractive in general. Additionally many younger collectors and enthusiasts who weren't yet teenagers during the late 60s and early 70s also appreciate and relate to the now classic styling of the G-series more than the long hood. This trend will continue as the demographics of the classic Porsche owner changes. Finally there is also broader awareness of the direct lineage between the 1973 Carrera RS and the later "European" spec 1974-1976 MFI Carrera 2.7.

At the bottom of this post you can find all Carrera MFI coupes publicly offered for sale during 2012. Asking prices were currency converted to USD $ based on the rates for the date we learned the Carrera was for sale. Additionally we created the following historical graph based on 64 Carreras advertised over the last six years, excluding the top and bottom price outliers. Reminder that this is an average asking, not sales, price. While the average sales price will be lower than this expect that the vey top end and desirable Carreras will still trade hands at a considerable price premium over the asking price average.

Our prediction for 2013 is continued strength in the Carrera 2.7 market as prices stabilize for the currently en vogue long hoods along with the expectation that prices for other G-series peers, such as the 930 Turbo, will continue to rise.

Happy New Year!

Rebodied 1974 Carrera MFI #911 460 0444 requiring significant 5-figure expenditures to bring towards anything close to original offered for 45,000 (approx. $56,000 USD).

RSR clone 1974 Carrera MFI #911 460 0047 with original engine offered for €47,500 (approx, $63,000 USD).

Southern California 1974 Carrera MFI #911 460 0343 sold within hours of being posted for $65,000. Despite numerous cosmetic modifications this was undeniably the buy of the year.

Driver 1974 Carrera MFI #911 460 0947 with color changed and various flaws offered for €59,000 (approx. $73,000 USD) and sold.

Driver 1974 Carrera MFI offered for €65,000 (approx. $84,000 USD).

Turbo look rebodied 1974 Carrera MFI #911 460 0129 offered for €65,000 (approx. $85,000 USD) and sold.

Viper Green 1974 Carrera MFI #911 460 0202 as driver quality offered for a quick sale at $89,000 AUD (approx. $93,000 USD) and sold.

Australian 1974 Carrera MFI #911 460 0091 dropped price to $75,000 AUD (approx. $95,000 USD) and sold.

Nice yellow 1974 Carrera MFI #911 460 0117 dropped price to €80,000 (approx. $104,000 USD) and sold.

Ice Green Metallic 1975 Carrera MFI #911 560 0291 with red interior offered for £68,000 (approx. $110,000 USD) and sold.

Ralf Schumacher's orange 1976 Carrera MFI #911 660 9121 immediately sold after being offered for €89,000 EUR (approx. $111,000 USD).

1976 Carrera MFI repainted Viper Green #911 660 9119 sold quickly after price dropped to €90,000 (approx. $117,000).

1974 Carrera MFI offered in Japan for unknown price but estimated well over $100,000 USD.

Silver 1975 Carrera #911 560 0227 restored, but not entirely correct details, offered for €95,000 (approx. $121,000 USD) and sold.

Restored 1974 Carrera MFI offered for €95,000 (approx. $122,000 USD).

Red 1976 Carrera MFI #911 660 9051 offered for €97,500 (approx. $124,000) and sold.

Nicely redone 1974 Carrera 2.7 #911 460 0808 offered by knowledgable seller for $125,000 and sold.

Restoration to order 1975 Carrera MFI #911 560 0343 offered for €99,900 (approx. $130,000 USD

Mexico Blue 1973 Carrera MFI #911 460 0740 offered for 100k EUR (approx. $130,000 USD) and sold for asking price at Essen 2012.

Unusual Gemini Blue with wool interior 1975 Carrera MFI #911 560 0339 offered for AUD $124,995 (approx. $130,000 USD).

Jubiläumsmodell Carrera MFI #911 560 0185 offered for 109,900 EUR (approx. $144,000 USD) and sold.

Restored but modified orange 1974 Carrera MFI offered for $155,000 AUD (approx. $161,000 USD) and sold.

Lime Green 1974 Carrera MFI offered for 129,000 EUR (approx. $167,000 USD).

Beautiful Mexico Blue 1974 Carrera MFI  #911 460 0219 with non-original engine offered for 130,000 EUR (approx. $171,000 USD).

1975 Jubiläumsmodell Carrera MFI #911 560 0162 offered for 133k EUR (approx. $172,000 USD).

Porsche factory restored 1976 Carrera MFI #911 660 9043 offered at the highest price for the year at $220,000 USD.