Whale Tail Bumpers

Update 10/10/2012: Dr. Georg Konradsheim has also reproduced these bumpers and they are available in the store on his website.

Originally posted 10/9/2012: Tom (tomdeg) has reproduced the pair of rubber bumpers which support the whale tail on early Carreras and 930 Turbos. Per the Porsche PET parts catalog (illustration 803-05) a pair of these bumpers was used on the Carrera 2.7, Carrera 3.0, and early 930 Turbos. This rubber part (part #999 703 013 50) has been unavailable as it was superseded on later cars by a different round plug. Having a reproduction available is great as this has likely been lost on most Carreras that might have had these originally fitted.

It is unclear if these were installed only when a whale tail was fitted, or if these were also installed for the standard deck lid. However given these look designed to improve the weight distribution, both when static and with downforce at speed, my guess is they were only installed when the heavier whaletail was installed, particularly those with the A/C condenser mounted. It is unclear when these were first being installed, and whether they were installed on all cars with the whaletail.

Location of the two rubber bumpers that provide additional support for the whale tail on Carrera 2.7/3.0 and 930 Turbos. As shown on chassis #911 660 9041.

Porsche PET parts catalog diagram 803-05 shows this as part #40 and the associated parts number entry.

Tom is currently offering these for $48 including S&H within the US.