Glass Installation

The windshield that came with Carrera #9050 had some pitting and was already a previous replacement windshield as it had a later style dark blue tinted band at the top. We ordered a new clear Sigla windshield from Stoddard and put the old windshield into storage. Getting a proper fit along with dashboard took quite a bit of effort and I'm sure the two Jonathans were relieved once the dash and front windshield finally were in place.

The rest of the glass that came with the Carrera was original, though one or two windows had minor scratches which we had polished out. There was an aftermarket tint on the rear window that was carefully removed, however during this process we actually found a date code I didn't know existed. I've inspected 911 glass over the years and never noted any date codes on the windshield or side windows. However, on the rear heated window we spotted a small two digit "76" year date code etched into the right hand side. Intrigued, I also looked at an early 1973 Carrera RS at the CVR PCA Father's Day concours last weekend and sure enough a "72" was etched on the rear window.

Before installing the windshield the first step is to fit the headliner and dash as once the windshield is in place these can't be fitted. 
The dashboard found on the 1976 model year is unique with no speaker grill and no center air vent.
Front windshield with chrome trim strip and seals fitted prior to being installed.
Getting the windshield and dash to properly fit takes a full house of guys! 
Preparing the rear window for installation.
Rear window had a "76" date code etched into the glass.
Next up was installing the clear anodized window frames, window regulator, and glass on the doors.