Headliner Head Case

After quite a bit of research on interior materials it was discovered that the perforations on all reproduction headliner material currently available in the United States is incorrect. The perforations on the reproduction material are designed with a square or triangle pattern, which is visibly different from the original hexagonal pattern. Unfortunately once you've figured out to determine the original pattern it becomes immediately obvious whenever you see the incorrect reproduction, and so it was impossible for me to settle for anything less.

Thanks to Andrea S. we managed to track down a very authentic reproduction of the hexagon pattern headliner in Italy. It was non-trivial to acquire the material as the seller could only invoice buyers within Italy. Thus Carrera #9050 was the first 911 in North America to have this headliner installed. When comparing the perforated hole patterns from a small piece of original headliner removed from #9050 with the reproduction material it actually aligned perfectly.

Fortunately for those who want as authentic of an interior as possible NOSGRUPPE has recently worked with the manufacturer to be able to offer this headliner material. It is significantly more expensive than other available reproduction headliners, but for those undertaking top level concours restorations on a 911 it is now a requirement. For those interested there is quite a lengthy discussion thread covering the headliner on the Early 911S Registry.

The original Porsche 911 headliner material had a hexagonal perforation pattern that is quite different from most reproduction material available for the last decade or two.
Jonathan and Jonathan spent hours fitting the headliner material.
Comparison of an original hexagonal pattern headliner with the commonly available square reproduction headliner from Bob on the Early 911S Registry.