Weapons Grade Carrera 2.7

Lime Green really suits the Carrera 2.7 well and this heavily track prepared 1975 Carrera 2.7 MFI is no exception.  Purists may not appreciate this but I'm sure it would leave a grin on the face of any enthusiasts after a lap or two.

Specifications from the builder PR Technology in Australia:
  • 2.8 engine 343 hp @ 8000 rpm
  • Motec controlled mechanical fuel injection
  • RSR Throttle bodies
  • PR Tech custom exhaust
  • Twin plug Xtreme cylinder heads
  • Ti valves, Custom camshafts
  • Ti conrods, PR Tech custom crank
  • JE pistons, Perfect bore barrels
  • 915 close ratio gearbox with RSR spray bar
  • Drexler differential
  • 930 callipers and rotors
  • PR Tech custom shocks
  • PR Tech 6 point roll cage
  • Dual master cylinder cockpit adjustable
  • Motec Dash and logging
  • Sabelt race seats
  • Scroth 6 point harnesses
  • SPA fire bomb
  • 17′ BBS race wheels, Michelin slicks