Jewelry & Date Codes

One enjoyable aspect of restorations is seeing all the old parts being returned to like new through careful reconditioning, cleaning, painting, replating, and other techniques. You end up with an assortment of parts that resemble jewelry for the mistress in your garage.

Going through this process you will notice that quite a number of 911 parts have stamped or cast date codes. For example Fuchs wheels, the Goodrich Space Saver spare, every Bosch part, almost all cast parts, door latches, rear window glass, Behr oil cooler, shocks, seats, CDI box, muffler, steering rack, and the list goes on. Date codes can be important to track to figure out what parts may have been replaced over the years and may need originals to be sourced.

1976 Carrera 2.7 MFI #9050 was completed in June 1976 with most parts coming from the March through May time frame. However, some of the engine components were dated 1973 and 1974, giving some weight to the theory that these special non-production 1976 Carrera 2.7 models were built to use up Porsche's stock of spare parts from the earlier Carrera RS and Carrera 2.7 production.

An assortment of parts Zinc plated awaiting their turn in the restoration process. 
The original steering rack had a May 1976 date code stamping.
The original door latches had an April 1976 date code stamped.
These Bilstein rear shocks have a February 1976 date code.
Rear brakes and suspension finally fitted after the backing plate returned from being Zinc plated.