Re-bodied 1974 Carrera 2.7 MFI

The seller of this 1974 Carrera MFI 2.7 has an extensive description which speaks for itself along with hundreds of photos.

Original description from the seller:

I am selling a 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupé, the very rare European MFI version with the legendary 911/83 2,7 RS engine. Believed to only have covered 189.000 kilometers since new.

This car with VIN 9114600444 was sold new by Raffay in Hamburg, Germany, in November 1973. It was delivered with the following specification:

  • G8 Guards Red exterior paint
  • Interior 13, Leatherette Blue black, seat inlays Tweed, bolsters and headrest Twill
  • Engine # 6640586
  • Gearbox # 344230
  • Options: 401 Fuchs 7 + 8 x 15" wheels; 425 Rear Viper; 469 Roofliner Black; 474 Bilstein Dampers + S Brakes; 568 Colored Windows
The car has a very unique and interesting history. It was exported to Sweden during the winter 1982-1983, and registered in Sweden Feb. 11 1983 with 95.390 kilometers on the odometer. It was then in it's original configuration. The car was used regularly until the middle of the 90:ies, when it had covered around 170.000 kilometers. Then it started to be parked for long times, according to the documentation included with the car. From 2001 and forward it was used very seldom, and it has been parked since 2006. Current odometer reading is 89.500 kilometers, which with 99 % probability is 189.500 kilometers from new. The kilometers covered in Sweden can be verified, but there are no documentation from Germany.

Unfortunately the car was involved in a severe accident in the spring of 1985. The car slided out of control at high speed, hitting a lamp post just between the door and front fender on the passenger side. The unusual point of impact damaged the unibody beyond repair, but at the same time all the Carrera specific parts was ok. An empty body was sourced from Germany, and a well-known body repair shop re-built the car. They also added factory Turbo flares, welded to the Carrera body, and a 3,3 Turbo rear and front spoiler.

In the early 1990:ies the car was re-painted in black, the same paint as it still wear today. The paint job was performed in a unusually high standard for the time, and the present condition is still good. There are a few imperfections, like two spots of surface rust, and three points where the paint has cracked. It would need a polish, and possibly a Smart Repair of the cracks, but the paint is still shiny and looks very nice.

The current state of the body is good. There was rust, which was repaired by Danielssons Bilplåt, one of the best Porsche specialized body repair shops there are in Sweden. They did the body work for K3 in Stockholm, which was the premier Porsche service facility in Sweden. They replaced the left inner and outer rocker panel, part of the floor, front longitudinals, gas tank support, front suspension pan, and the left door lock post. All done to a very high standard, which I hope the pictures show. I have looked over the car, and I can find two rust spots; one spot in the smugglers box, and also the rear tow hook has been damaged and rusted from that. Both places shown in the picture link. Other than these confined places I can not find any rust in need of repair on the car. The door gaps are good, as the other panel fitments. The rear lid is the original one to the car, since the car was delivered without a rear duck tail. The 3,3 Turbo spoiler seems to be originial Porsche, and was just mounted on the original lid. The Fenders are galvanized, factory parts, and was professionally welded on. The front fenders and doors looks very good, no rust there. The front and rear lids are in perfect condition. 
The interior has been upgraded over the years, and have now the rare Scheelmann 400 and 500 front seats. The rear seat was at some point replaced to the Turbo version, and the steering wheel was replaced for a Italvolanti sport steering wheel. The dash is perfect, without any of the usual cracks. The instruments look good, the drivers seat is in very good condition, as the passenger seat with the exception of two damages to the side vinyl. The roof liner looks to have been replaced more than 20 years ago, but the work wasn't professional enough to keep it from wrinkling.

Both original front seats comes with the car, as the original three spoke Carrera steering wheel. All in need of restoration. Pictures will be added to the slide show link.

The engine and gearbox are still the same as when the car left the factory, "matching numbers". The engine was rebuilt in 1997 at approximately 170000 kilometer on the odometer. The work was performed by Bosse Samuelsson in Borås, together with the company EBR Racing who did the machine work. All bearings and rings were replaced, cylinders and pistons was measured to be well within specification, one camshaft was replaced, all injection nozzles was replaced, and the engine was assembled with new gaskets. The injection pump was sent to Ulf Tolerus in Stockholm, who changed the gaskets, tested the pump and verified it's condition, and set it fo factory specifications. Then Roland Larsson, who is very well known for his vintage Porsche knowledge, did the final tuning of the engine once started, and did the correct settings on the MFI. The car has only covered about 19.000 kilometers since the engine rebuild. The car still has excellent oil pressure and runs good. I have changed oil and filter twice. Once when I bought it, and once more after 200 kilometers driving. It now has Castrol 10W-40 mineral oil. I have also changed out the spark plugs. The previous plugs showed signs of rich running, and I believe the car could use some MFI tuning after sitting for 5 years. There are some minor oil leaks, probably from sitting, that delivers a few drops overnight.

The gearbox is the original 5 speed 915 gearbox the car had when leaving the factory. It shifts fine to any gear, whithout any noise or grinding. It runs very smooth and is believed to be in good condition.

The breaks are all working as intended, the car stops smoothly and the calipers don't stick. The chassis seems fine too, no strange noises or similar, and the parts seems to be fine looking at them. The wheels are Porsche Cup 2 copies with bad tires in the front, ok in the rear. The wheels are mounted on 56 mm spacers in the rear and 10 mm spacers in the front. This is not "eingetragen" and I don't have any TÜV documents for them. I could sell the car delivered on original ATS 15" wheels instead.

As usual the condition of the car is very hard to decribe. I would rank it as a car in good drivers condition, that could be enjoyed as-is for many years to come. Or, it would be an excellent candidate to restore back to it's original condition, work that could be done over the winters still enjoying the car during the summers. It is a very fast car, which is very fun to drive.

Regarding the numbers; the engine and gearbox are matching to the car. The body, because of the damage repair, contains both the original hidden production number as well as the one from the empty body. Injection pump is the correct 019 pump, and the engine has of course the 7R engine block with 911/83 stampings and original number stampings.

The euro MFI Carrera is the next collector Porsche with a prediced price increase to follow the legendary 911 RS -73.

I can arrange shipping worldwide, please ask for a quote. Price with a truck to middle Germany is 700-800 Euro.

Please call me at +46706704047 for any questions. I speak English and ok German, at least I speak better German than I write.

Link to more than 200 detailed pictures of the car, body, engine, gearbox, suspension and so on. I have also a video of the engine running on my iPhone.

Currently offered on eBay for 45,000 EUR (approx. $56,000 USD).