Red Tartan Interior Completed

The guys at Autobahn Interiors have just completed the interior well ahead of schedule.  It seems like just yesterday I was sitting in Tony's office going over all the details, but now realize over a month has passed since dropping everything off.  I hadn't planned on seeing the interior for at least another month so this is officially the first part of the restoration completed.

As the pictures show the red tartan inlays turned out fantastic.  Tony did a great job at ensuring all the various details on the panels and carpet matched exactly the way they originally left the factory.  I look forward to seeing everything installed once the car is ready to be reassembled.  In the meantime all the recovered original parts will be shipped to Oregon and carefully stored awaiting their reunion with #9050.  I will take a few detailed photos of the interior bits once they arrive in Oregon.

Meanwhile Tim and the guys at German Master Tech are wasting no time starting in on the '76 Carrera MFI 2.7 project.  Since the Carrera arrived earlier this week they've been busy stripping the car, sorting and inventorying all the parts, and figuring out what is missing.

In other news I've also managed to source an original black 1976 dash without the A/C vents or speaker grills in excellent condition.  The dash from #9050 had several large cracks and was in need of a complete restoration.  Unfortunately nobody currently restores these dashes exactly as they left the factory, for instance there is usually visible seams where the ridge crosses the entire dash.  Thus finding an original dash was the only option for this project.  Tony still has the cracked dash and I may get it recovered as a spare or for another project.

Chassis stamping for 911 660 9050
Stay tuned for future installments covering the restoration of '76 MFI 2.7 #9050.