Porsche Lackstift Paint Stick

Porsche offered Lackstift touch up paint sticks from the 1950s onwards.  Finding an original lackstift is fairly rare, but finding one that actually matches the paint color of your car is even rarer.  Fortunately reproductions of these are now available for those who would like to complete their toolkit for the concours scene.

Carl Bauer at Orange Bar Products has been making really high quality reproduction accessories for 356 and earlier long hood 911s.  One of his recent projects has been to faithfully reproduce the lackstift paint stick including the correct bottle and matching silkscreen, the original box and bag, and even fills them with the correct shade of Glasurit paint (though I wouldn't recommend these for actual use as the color is unlikely to match your repainted or aged paint).  There are only very minor differences from the original lackstift, which Carl intentionally did so that folks could tell the difference between an original and reproduction lackstift.

Unfortunately many of the newly introduced colors by Porsche after 1973 aren't available yet from Orange Bar, however if you have a standard Porsche color that has been around since 1973 you are in luck.  Given these have been NLA from Porsche for decades this is a wonderful addition to the Porsche community.

For more information see Orange Bar's Porsche Lackstift.