Russo & Steele Auction 74 Carrera

1974 Carrera 2.7 MFI #9114600947 is being offered at auction in January 2015 at the Russo & Steele Scottsdale auction.

Description from the auction company:

By now we are all familiar with the famous History of the illustrious and legendary Porsche Carrera RS. It is a mute point therefore to wax lyrically over it?s looks, incredible performance, or the joy of driving, that can only be had by owning such a car, notwithstanding they are now firmly established on the "must have" list of any Collection. The Limited Production Euro Carreras, which were not available in the US, share the same Mechanical Components, Bloodline and DNA as their earlier Brothers. This is one of the very sought after 1974 European 2.7 RS engined Carreras.

Chassis # 9114600947 was first delivered on the 17th of May 1974, to the Prince of Bahrain, Sheik Abdulla Hamad Al-Khalifa, at the Porsche Factory in Stuttgart, Germany, and given the Duty Free License plate: # 857-Z-9688.

During the Prince's ownership his prized possession moved with him from Country to Country. First Port of call was Bahrain, that same year, where it was given a Bahrain license plate # 7979. Subsequent moves were to Paris, in July of 1981, then to Geneva, in May of 1992, and finally to London, in 1994, all confirmed by the wonderful documentation at hand. 

Despite these many moves, Carrera # 947 was always lavishly stored and maintained, being driven only 25,785 mile or 41,256 kms, in it's nearly 20 years of Royal Ownership.

On the 19th of February 1998, The Prince finally sold his Treasure, via a Broker, to Mr. S. Bridgland of Surrey. Carrera # 947 was given a year appropriate UK License plate # BBK162M. In 2001 it changed hands again, selling to Mr. J. Thompson, of Hampshire. He owned it right up to the time of it being sold to and imported by it's current Owner, in 2012.

There is a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity, showing it to be all Numbers Matching, and a Certified mileage of only 58.837 or 94,140 kms. It comes with a comprehensive Folder documenting it?s Provenance, Chain of Ownership, Service records and Safety inspections, all confirming the mileage. The car has had one Rotisserie repaint in the unique and Factory original Special Order color, of #432, Diamond Metallic. All the mechanicals, engine, gearbox and suspension were all done to show standards at that time. The interior is all original, and a testament to it?s low mileage and the loving care it has received it?s entire life. Factor in the Car's Royal Provenance, Chain of Ownership, Certified low miles, extraordinary condition, and multiple Class and Division Awards, then you know you have a Blue Chip Investment Grade quality Vehicle on offer here. As well as featuring unique Special Order paint, Gold Script and wheels, Factory Air conditioning, Electric windows, Full leather interior, and Factory Sport seats. That all adds up to a unique and very attractive combination.

Included in the sale are the following items:

Certificate of Authenticity, Service Records, Owner's Manuals, Tool kit, Factory Jack, Factory Air Compressor, a full Factory supplied Emergency first aid kit, as well as Trophies and Awards.

Auctioned at the 2015 Russo & Steele Scottsdale Auction.