December 2014 Book Update

Porsche enthusiasts email me several times a week for info on the upcoming book covering the Carrera 2.7 MFI and so I thought it was time to publish a public update on the project. The end is in sight, but there is still quite a bit of work left even after the last word has been typed. The exact release date is TBD, though by the end of January we should have a good idea when it will be available for sale.

The majority of the book has been edited at this point by an automotive editor as well as copyeditors, and most sections have undergone a deeper technical review by really knowledgable Porsche enthusiasts. That said, even the final copy is a moving target as almost weekly some new nuance is discovered that requires re-researching details to ensure the book is as accurate as possible. As with all books, articles, etc. there will be mistakes, but hopefully they will be few and far between.

Approximately 300 pages have been laid out at this point and seeing the results are quite motivating. This was no small task, but I think it is important to produce a book that people love to spend time with, rather than just partially reading once. At the end of October the first round of studio shoots were completed in North America, with a second studio shoot that should occur by the end of January. This was an extremely rewarding step forward, particularly as the photos were integrated into the existing book layout. Each new photo brings the book to life and I hope readers enjoy the depth and diversity of photos as much as I have.

The book will be approximately 375 pages, filled with high quality images, detail shots, period photos and significant exploration into all aspects of the mid-1970s Carrera model. Even the most astute Porsche enthusiast should learn some new things and owners of other period Porsche, such as the 3.0-liter 930 Turbo, will find it to include a wealth of information not found anywhere else.

Thanks again to all the contributors who have given feedback, suggestions, photo contributions and, most of all, have been patient with the project. Happy Holidays!