Backdated 73 RS Replica

This orange 1974 Carrera was backdated to a long-hood Carrera RS replica.

Description from the seller:

The Carrera models combined sportiness with exclusivity. Equipped with the 210 bhp engine is the 911 Carrera RS Porsche 911 Carerra 2.7, the successor to the 1973 RS.
Between 1974 and 1976 approximately 2,000 Coupes and Targa's built, of which a few are left.
This exclusivity makes the 911 Carrera 2.7 a valuable collection and investment property.
The 2.7 Carrera shown here is completely rebuilt as the 1973 model RS lightweight (M 491).

Year 1974
Chassis number 9114600445
Engine Code 911/83
Engine 2.7 liter, 210 HP

Offered on POA.