Yellow '74 Carrera

Update 10/9/2013: Readers commented that this has been on and off for sale since mid-2011. Any buyer should do a serious inspection. Caveat emptor.

Posted 10/9/2013: This 1974 Carrera 2.7 MFI in Light Yellow available in France. Wheels overly polished and overall lacks a bit of pop in the presentation. Looks to have been repainted in a much brighter yellow shade as Light Yellow is a much softer shade. Possibly an Italian delivery Carrera as the front turn signals are white. No photos of interior or up close engine details so hard to tell more than that. This looks to be an early Carrera as it has the RS rear flares instead of the more common SC flares of later chassis numbers.

Description from the seller:

carrera 2.7 210 cv véhicule de collection etat d'origine, moteur completement rénové, encore en rodage couleur dorigine jaune 117 matching numbers type moteur911/83 voiture européenne pour plus d'infos 0475 722 129

Rough English translation:

carrera 2.7 210 hp vehicle collection original state, engine completely renovated, still original matching numbers 117 yellow kind moteur911/83 European car for more info 722 129 0475 color break

Offered for €79,911 (approx. $109k USD) in France.