Upgraded 2.9-liter '75 Carrera

Another '75 Carrera repainted in Grand-Prix White (from original yellow) and equipped with a roll cage and racing seats is available in Germany. Original mirror replaced with later electric flag style. Green Carrera script added. Missing original MFI airbox in photos, though this may be available from seller. In 1975 the 7J and 8J Fuchs should have black center caps when black center Fuchs are fitted.

German description from seller:

Carrera 2.7, Fahrgestellnummer 911 5600 482 Motor und Getriebe neu überholt, Motor leistungsgesteigert durch Firma Manfred Niederhof, Tutzing, Leistung ca. 282 PS, Hubraum 2900 ccm, km Leistung total ca. 185'000. Fahrzeug ist unfall- und rostfrei. Die Lackierung ist etwa 10 jährig und in gutem Zustand, das Fahrzeug war jedoch ab Werk in hellgelb lackiert. Die Carosserie ist im Originalzustand, Fuchsfelgen 7 + 8 x 15.

Rough English translation:

Carrera 2.7, chassis number 911 560 0482 has a newly overhauled engine and transmission by Manfred NiederhofEngine power increased to about 282 hp with a 2.9-liter. Approx 185,000 km. Vehicle is accident and rust free. The paint is about 10 years old and in good condition, but the vehicle was painted at the factory in bright yellow. The body is in original condition, 7 + 8 x 15 Fuchs.

Offered by private seller for €66,000 (approx. $89k USD).