Paintwork Completed on #9050

The paintwork has finally been completed on 1976 Carrera MFI 2.7 #9050. The chassis will be returning this week to German Master Tech so that final assembly can begin. The paint came out fantastic. Glasurit 55-Line paint was used with a silver base followed by a clear coat. Bob finished wet sanding with 600, 1000, 1500, and finally 2500 grit and the Carrera really shines.

We set a high bar for the level of paintwork and significant attention to detail was required to reproduce some of the known factory "defects". Future posts will cover some of the extra pains taken to reproduce some of the factory finishes.

Silver base coat has been sprayed on the exterior body panels.
Masking and taping was required numerous times to paint various areas prior to painting the exterior.
Second stage of the paint with clear coat sprayed.
Bob wipes down the car after wet sanding. 
Underneath the whale tail got a bit more paint than was necessary, but looks great.
Along with the original whaletail we also fitted a ducktail and plain engine lid so when bored we can change rear engine lids.
Sprayed several extra spare mirrors I had on hand just in case we need replacements later due to rock chips.