Expert Panel Discusses Euro Carrera 2.7

Hagerty Classic Car Insurance has sponsored a variety of great panel discussions on the collector car market over the last few years. A recent panel discussion "Under the Hood - An Insider's Look at the Amelia Auctions by Hagerty" discussed the state of the collector car market with a heavy focused on the Porsche market.

Starting around the 0:28:00 time offset author Rob Sass, collector car appraisal expert Dave Kinney, and restorer Cam Ingram of Road Scholars spend about 3 minutes discussing the european Carrera 2.7 MFI as an undervalued 911. Dave Kinney and Rob also discuss the big bumpers and how Porsche actually got the styling right compared to any other manufacturer at that time. Yes, compared to a long hood you might prefer the earlier design a bit more, but Porsche got it so right with the G-series redesign that they kept the design for the next 15 years.

Official description for the panel discussion:

"Hagerty valuation experts Rob Sass and Dave Kinney, along with Porsche collectors, restorers and experts Reid Vann and Cam Ingram, will examine the current state of the market for blue chip collectible cars with an emphasis on the white-hot Porsche market."


  1. Would love to see the 50K EUR Carrera they're talking about. For a panel that just happened, with "experts", they seem a little out of touch with where pricing has already gone.