Lime Green RHD Carrera

This concludes the week of posting about the right-hand drive Carreras available on the market. Lime Green is always a fantastic color, especially on a Carrera.

Description from the seller:

This is a fantastic matching numbers UK supplied example and one of the first having been supplied in November 1973 by Porsche dealer AFN. It features a great specification and is finished in its original stunning shade of Lime Green. Options include electric sunroof and windows and the enigmatic ducktail spoiler only available when new for the early production cars. Well known in Porsche circles as Limey the car has a full and very comprehensive history from new with original service book and a detailed substantial history file. It is in superb condition throughout having been carefully looked after and renovated when required throughout its life. We know Limey well, having handled its sale on a couple of occasions since 2008.

AFN delivered Limey to first owner, a Mr Harrow, a resident of Beaconsfield on the 29th November 1973. He retained it until January 1976 covering 16,000 miles, using the supplying dealer for a service in January 1975. A second owner retained the car until April 1977, the mileage increasing to 33,000 miles in this time, again AFN were retained for servicing.

In April 1977 Limey was purchased by Porsche enthusiast Stuart Hunter Cox, he clearly loved the car and looked after it extremely diligently during his long ownership, which only ended in 2006. Porsche experts Autofarm maintained Limey almost exclusively during this period ? numerous invoices on file indicate an exemplary maintenance programme, the smallest fault being corrected immediately.

In 2006 Autofarm undertook a renovation of the car’s body to the highest standards, ensuring every detail is original and correct. Renowned Porsche trim specialists Southbound refreshed the interior. Invoices on file fully detail the work completed. This work has passed the sternest test: the passage of time, as nearly a decade on Limey remains in lovely condition the restoration having mellowed beautifully.

Following the completion of this work Mr Hunter Cox decided that the car was probably now rather too good to use and so he made the difficult decision to sell his old friend. Autofarm offered the car for sale on his behalf in 2006 and it rapidly found a good new home with Porsche enthusiast Nigel Watkins. Nigel continued to look after the car well and continued to use Autofarm for maintenance. Shortly after purchase Limey was awarded Best In Show at Classic Le Mans 2006, a photograph on file shows a proud Nigel and Limey with trophy.

In 2007 Limey was entrusted to Porsche engine supremo Bob Watson for a full engine rebuild. Invoices on file for some £15,000 document work completed which included new barrels, pistons and much more! Dyne sheets show a pleasing 230 plus bhp on a rolling road trial. At this time the engine bay was fully detailed and shortly after the front suspension was fully rebuilt, as were the brakes and the mechanical fuel injection pump overhauled.

In 2008 Nigel decided to sell Limey for a new Porsche project. Once again Autofarm offered Limey for sale - a copy of the advert is on file as is a glowing report from Classic and Sportscar magazine who featured the car in their ‘One you can buy’ article, and summarising with glorious condition, colour and performance. It was at this point that we first became acquainted with Limey. We had in stock a rather nice UK supplied 964 RS that incidentally we have back in stock for sale currently! Nigel took a fancy to the 964 so one Spring day in 2008 I recall meeting Nigel in Warwick where a deal was struck. I then had my first drive home in Limey and was so impressed I drove no other car for a week. 911 and Porsche World Magazine featured Limey at this time in a feature on early impact bumper 911s. In it Porsche enthusiast and motoring journalist, John Glynn, waxes lyrical describing Limey as one of his favourite 911s.

The next owner was... a Mr Nigel Watkins - he missed the car terribly and had to repurchase the car from us. In 2012 we were delighted to be able to repurchase Limey and then sold it almost immediately to a friend and regular Hairpin customer. It has remained in storage with us for much of the intervening period.

Today Limey remains in exceptional condition throughout, it really is a striking car with a really strong feel good factor attached. I always look forward to a drive in Limey, it is just so well set up and rewarding, providing great enjoyment and remaining a great partner on a fast British country road. Finished to arguably the best specification and featuring fully comprehensive history from new it is hard to think of a better example of its type. It comes with original service and handbook, comprehensive history file and has just been inspected and serviced by Dick Lovett Porsche, our local main dealer. By the way you can only buy it if you promise to sell it back to us!