Grand-Prix White 1975 "RS G" Carrera

Unfortunately not many details or photos have been provided by the seller yet other than this Grand-Prix White 1975 Carrera 2.7 MFI was first registered July 1975. While all years of the Carrera MFI were delivered from the factory with the 210bhp engine from the 1973 RS, and provide an almost identical experience to the RS, the asking price seems quite optimistic.

Description from seller:

Wir bieten hier einen originalen komplett restaurierten 2.7 RS G Carrera an. Seine Originale Auslieferungsfarbe ist Grandprixweiss.

Rough translation to English:

Here we offer a fully restored original 2.7 Carrera RS G. His original factory color is Grand Prix White. The vehicle is completely restored.

Offered for €209,000 (approx. $285,000 USD).