Engine Assembly Begins

Jeff Gamroth of Rothsport Racing has been rebuilding the original 911/83 engine for '76 Carrera 2.7 chassis 911 660 9050. The case arrived back from being machined at Ollie's Engineering a little over a month ago and since then Jeff has made steady progress.

In some of the photos you can see in some places that the external surface of the magnesium has some pitting. After years of use followed by long term storage along the California coast the magnesium pitted in a few areas exposed to sea area where the bare metal wasn't protected by any leaking oil or sludge. Prior to the rebuild Jeff carefully had the case tested for cracks and structural integrity, fortunately everything was fine. While walking through The Collier Collection earlier this month I noted similar pitting on engines found in some of their significant Porsches. For me originality and authenticity to the history of the car trumps perfect presentation so no repairs or replacements will be done. Wabi-sabi.

The engine should be completed shortly and I really look forward to firing it up on the engine dyno at Rothsport. Once the engine is done completing the gearbox rebuild is next on Jeff's agenda.