Prepped for Paint

For the 1976 Carrera 2.7 MFI #9050 it has been a long road since we started this restoration.  From completing the metalwork and rust repairs, primer and prep work, adjusting gaps, test fitting all body panels and trim before painting, to multiple spray out attempts before we got just the right period Porsche silver flake. A significant amount of effort has been necessary to get all the details right, and it has been a great experience as everyone involved banded together to achieve the goals.

Finally the day has arrived where everything is ready for paint. All the removable body panels have been taken off and are masked to paint the inside first. Similarly the chassis the exterior body has been masked off so the underneath and engine compartment can be sprayed. The chassis is on the rotisserie just waiting for the paint booth to free up. Once the first coat of Glasurit 55 is laid down the restoration project will be on a trajectory towards completion. Exciting times!