Refinishing Fuchs

The four 15" Fuchs have been sent to Harvey Weidman at Weidman's Wheels for a desperately needed complete refinishing. The classic anodized finish on the petals really complements the chrome trim option originally ordered on 911 660 9050.

We've yet to determine what type of correct profile tires to install on the 7 and 8 15" wheels. The original sizes were 185/70 VR 15 fronts with 215/60 VR 15 rears. I'd like a set of new rubber along with some period original tires for concours. If anyone knows a source an original set of Dunlop Super Sport Formula 60, Dunlop SP57, or Pirelli CN36 please contact me.

The 7" and 8" Fuchs on the car had seen better days and are desperately in need of Weidman's Wheels for refinishing.
Significant cruft had built up on these wheels from prior use before sitting in a body shop for over a decade.
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