Master Metalwork

Now we get a chance to see the skills of a master metalworker who uses pick & file and leadwork to repair both the window rust as well as the previously mentioned damage around the rear fender flares. Jon certainly has his work cut out for him.

First up we'll look at the rust repair of one of the window corners. All damaged metal has to be cut out, both the metal visible on the top as well as any metal damaged inside the body itself. The window corners are tricky as there are many contours both inside and outside of the body and everything needs to be perfect for the window to fit back into the channel.

Once the rusted area has been cut out the next step is to fabricate small patch panels to weld in.  In this case we needed to initially weld two panels underneath that face the engine compartment. Any small irregularities in the metal are filled in with lead and then both the weld beads and lead are filed out to create a smooth finish.
A patch panel inside the body has been welded into place to replace the prior rust inside the window frame.
View of the finished right hand side rear window corner.
The driver side window corner completely repaired both inside and out.
As mentioned in a previous update there was also minor accident damage which had been repaired around the rear fenders. While the previous work may be acceptable to many body shops we want this Carrera to be perfect and as close to how it left the factory as possible. This means repairing all that previous work to a much higher standard. Jon's finished metalwork really looks fabulous.

Jon's finished metalwork on the left rear and the window corner repairs both turned out great.  One step closer to getting this car ready for paintwork.
You can see the passenger side window corner metalwork complete.  This also shows a great view of the dull metallic metal that indicates the original galvanized coating remains on the passenger rear side.
The tools of the trade laid out ready for Jon to begin his magic.
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