'74 MFI 2.7 Restoration Project in UK

Another 1974 Carrera MFI 2.7 restoration project is available. This was previously backdated to a long hood body style, but the current owner is planning on returning it to the correct G-series body style.  The project is only partially complete, allowing the buyer to determine the final direction and scope of the restoration. A large project for sure, but some of the work has already been completed.

Original description from the seller:

Currently being restored, we have an early 1st series (impact bumper model) 1974 Carrera 2.7 original RHD. These early examples are the closest mechanically to the original and legendary M471 lightweight and M472 touring models. The car we have here is chassis 9114600610 and was supplied new in Gloss Black paintwork with Blue cloth trim . The car was at some point transformed into a race/track car and now is going back to a more original state but will remain intent on the occasional track day so it will have a more track focused set-up to make it an exhilarating and rewarding drive.

We are hoping that the car will be completed at some point in 2011, so now represents an excellent opportunity for a buyer to become involved to personalise and influence the final specifiation. The car will be perfect for many events, including Tour Britannia, or simply be enjoyed.

April 2012 update on the project from the seller:

Basically progress has been slow and to be fair I've not been pushing hard but recently I did ask my body man to press on. The car was backdated a long time ago and some say this was done at the time by Autofarm. We are returning it back to it's correct impact bumper configuration. We have new front wings and one rear wing and all the impact bumper parts.

  • Engine is done
  • Gearbox has been checked but just needs cleaning
  • Wheels have been restored 7" and 8"
  • All brightwork sourced
  • New lightweight interior trim sourced
  • Brake calipers being restored
  • Suspension overhauled and restored
My plan is to fully restore the car and save weight mainly in the interior trim department, the car was very track focused when I acquired it and it drove and handled very well, so I was going to stick with the cars track set-up. That can all change obviously down to what the customer wants.

As you probably know this car is a 74 Carrera and therefore pretty much identical mechanically to the earlier pre impact RS, was one of a small production run and is becoming very sought after and I believe will only increase in value.

Contact Garry at 9Trade Ltd for more details.