Deconstructing a Carrera

Tim and Jonathan at German Master Tech have continued removing everything off the 1976 Carrera 2.7. Everything, including the wiring harness, has been removed and the shell is ready to start the next phase of metal work.

The chassis and body panels have been delivered to Jon, an experience pick and file metalworker.  Jon will carefully strip all the paint prior to replacing metal in the few areas where we found rust. Additionally he will fix minor impact damage to the front driver side which wasn't properly repaired sometime in the car's past.  Tim sourced replacement metal sections from Porsche as well as a section cut from a donor car to be welded into place.

Back at German Master Tech each part has been carefully cleaned and sorted in preparation to be sent out for zinc, cad, or chrome plating depending on how it originally left the factory.  The window trim is being reconditioned and polished in preparation to be sent out to be re-anodized with the exact factory finish.

The 1976 Carrera 2.7 used cast iron A-type front calipers, replacing the S calipers used in previous years.  The front and rear calipers are heading to PMB Performance for complete restoration and rebuild.  The 15" Fuchs wheels will also soon be heading to Harvey Weidman to perform his restoration magic.

One significant benefit of restoring this specific Carrera is that it is largely original with very minimal changes since new. Given these 1976 Carrera MFI 2.7 are extremely rare and few other examples exist to compare against, particularly in original condition. The few things that were changed during its lifetime include changes for DOT import and California emissions such as two extra engine bay stickers, headlights and rings to US DOT spec, cast iron door bars, and a few other items such as seat covers, radio, PMO carbs, KYB rear shocks, and two of the wheels being later date coded Fuchs. Otherwise the car is entirely original which helps ensure the original parts are reconditioned properly and, if absolutely necessary, any parts replaced match exactly how it left the factory.

Stay tuned for more other posts covering the restoration of '76 Carrera MFI 2.7 #9050.