1976 Carrera RoW 2.7 - White/Black

Update on 7/7/2012: After a year on the market this Carrera was sold!  Last asking price was $169,260 USD, selling price unknown.

Posted 7/15/2011: Dealer's listing:

In 1947 when Ferry Porsche sketched out the very first drawings of what was to become the iconic 356 model he had a clear vision for the future of the marque: a Porsche should be sporty, yet with enough practical space for two passengers, their luggage and additional room for a further two companions to travel on short trips.

So was created the 356, a car that used many proprietary parts from the recently reborn Volkswagen.

In 1964, at the IAA in Frankfurt, the company launched the 911 model – everyone’s idea of a ‘typical Porsche’.

The 911 model was then constantly improved during the 60s and early 70s until it reached its zenith as a pre-black bumper homologation special: the celebrated 1973 Carrera RS with a fuel-injected, 2.7-litre engine producing 210bhp.
This might be everyday knowledge, but what is less well known is that the earliest versions of the new ‘G model’ 911 were equipped with the very same 2.7-litre motor. And after the factory holidays in 1975, just 113 cars were completed with this famous engine and a zinc-coated, rust-resistant bodyshell.

The Porsche you see here is from that last series of just 113 cars (number 84) and is fresh from a ‘no expense spared’ (60,000 euros) engine by Manfred Rugen Hamburg restoration. The interior is in excellent condition.

This very rare Porsche offers the almost unique combination of the iconic 2.7 RS motor in the more modern, zinc-treated ‘G model’ bodyshell, and is an appreciating classic due to its very limited numbers (one of only 113).

A matching-number car (both the gearbox and engine are original to this car, as certified by Porsche) other features of note include Fuchs wheels, original sports seats, an original electric mirror on the left-hand side and a limited-slip differential.

Listed forsale at Zurich Collection.