1974 Carrera 2.7 / White / Colorado, USA

One of very few real ’74 Euro Carreras in the U.S. 

1974 European VIN: 911460696
Engine: 2.7L Type 83 (Mechanical Fuel Injection as used in the ’73 Carrera RS)
Horsepower: 210 DIN (factory spec)
Weight: 2,365 lbs.
Color: Off white, Black
Suspension: Bilstien RSR Struts
Wheels: 15” 7"/8" Fuchs

This is a numbers matching (enging, chassis, transmission, etc.) car. The only thing that is not original to this car is the front windshield and the tail. This was a tail delete option car and the previous owner sourced an OEM tail for the restoration. 

This is one of 1,026 Euro Carrera coupes built in 1974. There were a total of about 2,200 coupes and targas built in ’74, ’75 and ’76. These are very similar to the ’73 Carrera RS with the same mechanically fuel injected 2.7L engines that produced 210 DIN. The ‘73s and Euros had the same horsepower to weight ratio. The Euros gained some weight with the impact bumpers but had aluminum trailing arms to bring the total down to the ‘73s. 

There has been some written about these cars and I have some of the magazine articles but they are very much an unknown quantity. I have not done a full search, but from Rennlist, Pelican and tracking down many Porsche historians and enthusiasts, I haven’t found more than 15 documented cars here. I could be wrong, but these are pretty rare cars in the States.

This car started its domestic like in Illinois when it was imported in 1976. From Illinois it traveled West with a true Porsche enthusiast and craftsman who rebuilt the car from the ground up in the late 90’s. The car was completely stripped, the engine rebuilt to spec with Porsche engineers and Jerry Woods, body work done, interior done, again, all to factory spec I have photos, receipts and information for this entire rebuild.

I purchased the car and returned it to IL where it was rarely driven. Over the years I have done mostly routine maintenance and had the transmission rebuilt by Sol Snyderman at Perfect Power.

This is one of the cars featured in the historic display at the Porsche Parade in Keystone, CO last year so if you were at the Parade you may have seen it. In preparation for the Parade a “clean-up” was done that included the following:

• Oil leaks sealed
• Timing chains replaced
• Cams timed
• Valves adjusted
• Plugs replaced
• Oil cooler pulled, cleaned
• Fan polished
• Oil regulator replaced
• Many other bits and pieces were replaced with the “while we’re here” mentality
• The entire suspension and underside of the car was removed and stripped or media-blasted for powder-coating and painting. It is beautiful! 
• The wheels have been polished
• Wheel wells are painted
• Alloy “S” brake calipers removed, rebuilt and polished
• Bushings replaced
• Control arms blasted and powder coated
• Brake pads and fluid replaced
• Front air dam and chin spoiler replaced and painted

This is just to name a few of the items that were cleaned up and brought back to spec. With everything that has been done, this is an exceptional driver. It’s a blast to drive and I feel bad letting it sit in a garage. These cars need to be driven!

The car is in Colorado Springs. I am selling simply because I am now in Michigan and have not driven it enough to keep it honest…I have probably put less than 1,000 miles on the car in the last 5 years. It has literally been stored for the last 7 years as I have been in different states from where the car has been stored. 

I have a photo site set up at ttp://picasaweb.google.com/jnphil61/CarreraProject#. There are many more photos that I will be adding to the site if requested.

Looking for $65k- $75k. 

Thanks for your interest. I'll answer any question that I can. All of the documentation is with the car in Colorado